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Blazing Justice

"Uh... What did you say?" "I said your wife is dead." The tax collector says, "I came to burn your house and dance on her corpse." I give this some thought, "...Okay! Right this way..."

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A new OC that I made

Name: Helios II
Species: Dragon
gender: Male
Physical Appearance: Tall, muscular, bipedal, dark gold scales with wings of the same color and a light grey spine
Nation of Origin: Draconia
Region of Origin: Private cave in the mountains
General Attitude: Friendly, sometimes irritable
Personality: confronts bullies that pick on the smaller kids, generally makes friends with other dragons or anthropomorphs
Misc: Helios comes from a long line of normal, uninteresting dragons. His mother, Celia, comes from the suburbs of Draconia. She moved into the mountains after marrying Helios I. Helios I comes from the Draconian military and is currently K.I.A. He died during a scouting mission into classified enemy territory. Helios II tries to stray from his father's footsteps. He strives to be friendly and caring towards others, but his heritage does not allow that. He becomes very irritable after dealing with a situation, not unlike his father. Helios II currently resides in The Multinational Academy of Arts and Sciences.
More Misc: Likes to be part of a team. Strays away from leading roles in favor of supporting his group. He enjoys quiet walks with Aqulan and some other friends if they want to. He will always back up his friends unless he's 100% sure that they are wrong or guilty. Takes school seriously, but not too seriously as to be a nerd. He can breath normal fire, but doesn't call upon this ability unless he absolutely has to. Aqulan can breath an icy breath that she uses to calm Helios, as he is resistant to its effects.

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Thanks for the fav!:moustache:

Hay, there is a new thread in the group, you can go to the new RP site.

I guess that makes sense...even though that isn't what people normally do. I'm weird.

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I just look at the threads usually and don't post.

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