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Luna Aeterna Solutae

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The meaning · 2:31pm May 28th, 2020

Luna Aeterna Solutae.
Aeterna is the feminine form of the declension adjective Aeternus, meaning eternal, abiding, or perpetual.
Solutae is the feminine plural form of Solutus, meaning unbound or free, mostly specifically in the form of being released from bindings.
"The ever-free moon", or perpetually in a state of change or release.

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Just curious, but what have they done to you?

Have you considered that maybe the harassment you receive is because you're a douchebag to people? Or perhaps you know it and rely on it. I'd bet that is the case. The only way someone like you would get any recognition is from you being a rude cunt and receiving all this attention on your profile. You also throw around really flamboyant words to make your sentences sound more intelligent. It's whack.

Man, bots suck, sorry you have to deal with them so often

Thanks to add Andante the path of the dreams at your favorites. I'm glad that someone enjoyed reading this story as much I loved writing.

And thanks for following me, you are the best. XD

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