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Sunset Shimmer had everything. Personal protégé of the Sun Princess herself, top marks in the School for Gifted Unicorns, and the honor of being dubbed the greatest arcanist since Starswirl the Bearded.

Until she threw it all away.

In the last moments before leaving Equestria forever, her destiny is snatched away right before her eyes. Once upon a time the story of the lives of herself, Twilight Sparkle, and the path of Equestrian History went one way, a story that we all know well. But in every stand of woods there is a path untrotted, one with a different story and new experiences.

About the deleted comments.

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New cover by DVixie. If someone knows how to contact them I'd be appreciative. It more accurately portrays the current evolution of the story.

Arc One, Filly Steps: Complete.
Arc Two, What Twilight Learned Today: In Progress.

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Oooh... That last sentence twist! I like it!

Myself and the person I bounce ideas off of agreed that it is the most absolutely canon Celestia solution to her current problem.

The Mirror portal, how could you do that to it, after all we still have the Sirens on the other side that need to be brought back and not to mention that it just won't be the same without Twilight going to Canterlot High to meet her friends human versions, or her double or even the doubles of the Princesses.


They don't have S.M.I.L.E. over there on the other side, don't forget the Sirens still have some limited amounts of magic and they might even catch the magic of the portal the last time it was open before it was destroyed, the only way I think you could get the mirror back is if Sunset finds Starswirls spell book on how he created the mirror portal so she could repair it then.

Of course they do. How do you think magic isn't widespread knowledge and Pedestria isn't a hellhole with all the magical garbage that Equestria's been dumping into it?
"Now if you'll all look here..."
[red flash]

The Sirens have power that amounts to near zilch. They can only get a small snack joint shouting and it's barely enough to get by. Without Sunset to bring the crown (and therefore an obvious source of magic) to the human world, they're going to be stuck in the cycle forever. The only other source of magic is the memory stone and that would not power them up to the same level that the magic of friendship did.

Comment posted by Dusk Star Shine deleted Aug 30th, 2018

I think Celestia broke Sunset's brain.

Yep! Sunset even says it best with "Magic that -I- brought here!"
And even with the implication that Wallflower found the Memory Stone and started using it Freshman Year, there's not really much reason for her to use it offensively like she did to Sunset.

Ahem. FiMFiction's rules are clear on roleplaying. Please refrain from doing so in the future, especially on my stories.

Some have theorized the Memory stone was inactive until the statue was destroyed and magic started keeping into the human world, same with the geodes. So destroy the portal and no magic comes into the world. It might even be possible the Siren's magic was so weak because it's connected to Equestria, magic comes though the portal and enters their bodies. So destroying the portal could mean their powers would fad away

Pretty big maybe. I'm pretty drunk but I swear Wallflower's memories showed her at the background of several events pre-FG.
Regardless, either way; Sunset doesn't go to Equestria, Pedestria's problems are solved.

This is great! How often will this be updated! I looooooooove this kind of story!

AU or not, I'd hoped that Celestia's age would have been closer to the vague one we got in season 8. You know, over 1,111 years old.

I know. I know. That's just for her first sun raising. But that is the best Hasbro has ever given us for Celestia's age.

Oh and have a fav and upvote.

Ofuck. That's what I get for writing in one sitting and never editing. *1140

Don’t think I’ve seen a story with Sunsets banishment taking place on the same day as the rainboom. Interesting way to start the AU. I look forward to the next chapter.

that is something I did not see coming

The Untrotted Path: In which, Sunset Shimmer fixes everything.

Oooo, interesting. Also, good to see an author who understands how words and punctuation works. Good job, Ms. Glimmer. Good job.


You mean dump the problem on somepony else and hope for the best, then pat herself on the back for a job well done without having had to exert any effort at all?

A mare teaches best what she need learn most? Cool, let’s go!

There are a few paragraphs that needs spacing in between, especially some parts of the dialogue. Other than that, great start! I like to see where it goes!

Minor quibble: A crown prince(ss) is the prince who stands to inherit the throne. A Prince Regnant is a prince who rules over a country. Though it's possible you intend to have Celestia and Luna's parents in there as previous rulers or something, in which case, disregard this comment.

Oh. Huh. That means myself and many, many other authors have been using it incorrectly for years

Im sensing an Anakin and Ahsoka vibe with this mentor and Student relationship

Or had Celestia slipped and tried writing to her in a dead language, again?

And now I'm imagining Twilight spending two weeks on a desperate research binge to decipher what is clearly an unspoken test while Celestia wonders why it's taking so long for the poor dear to decide when she wants to go out for ice cream. It explains so much about their relationship, and I love it.

Also, looking forward to seeing where you go with this. It's going to be one heck of an experience for everyone involved.

"Oh shoot, did I write to you in [Pony Aramiac] again?"
As usual, your words carry some of the highest weight.
Twilight: "... What's the height of idiocy?"
Celestia: "Sunset, how tall are you again?"

Ok you blindsided me with that curveball, Sunset being the stand in place of the Celestia role for Twilight. I got to say I wasn't expecting that, I read a few fics that does something like this but it was usually the mother or sister role not the mentor role.

I got to say you defiantly got my attention for this story.:twilightsmile:

Like I said in another comment, it really feels like the most Celestia thing to do.

For the time me rewatching old season catching up to the newer ones, I can agree that is the most Celestia thing to do. I look forward how thia story plays out.

What will be interesting to see will be the repartee between Sunset and Cadance. Given that both have some degree of responsibility and interaction with Twilight, given their different thought processes and methodologies (as well as implied history), it’s going to make things very interesting for all concerned.

don't feel too bad, Equestria is technically a principality not a kingdom but everyone calls it a kingdom because almost no one has heard of a principality.

Hello great burning disaster. I eagerly await your arrival.

you definitely have my interest. sunset shimmer is one of my fav characters, and you've written her extremely well

When people have questions about Equestria's government I like to direct them to this analysis by Oliver. Short version Equestria's government is its own unique beast that defies easy labels. If you have the time also read the discussion in the blog's comments there's some good ideas brought up in there.

Well now this is certainly a interesting new twist for a Sunset story. I've read stories where Sunset and Twilight are both Celestia's students, but this is the first i've seen where Sunset is Twilight's teacher instead of Celestia. I'm really eager to see where you go with this.

Tracked, more tracked than a predator after prey

Welp, color me intrigued. Take my fave and my like, you earned it for the concept alone.

I’ve seen universes where Sunset is either Twilight’s older sister or sister-figure, but this has to be the second one where Sunset is Twilight’s mentor. First one’s Witch of the Everfree.

High praise coming from you, you're no slouch yourself.


Thank you! I'll be keeping an eye on this, I'm interested to see what you'll do with it. It's a cool idea that doesn't get explored very much.

I've never really liked the idea that Celestia banished Luna to the moon for ~7x her age at the time (even if that is canon now), and I'm not sure giving Sunset the responsibility of teaching a young filly is really a great idea, but it's an interesting premise.

All of the banishments in the show were intended to be permanent. "The stars aided in [Luna's] escape", Discord's imprisonment ended, and Cadence probably prompted the Empire's return.
And no. Celestia seems fond of "ideas" that are really terrible but seem to work out alright at the end.

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