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Hello there! Just your average brony from Canada. I'm a self-admited geek and hopeless pedant. French is my first language but I'm NOT from France. All hail the Province of Qu├ębec!

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Disclaimer: Ignore this if you have no interest in metaphysics and The Elder Scrolls obscure lore.

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I learned what was on the driving portion of the test from watching Jay Leno, and I received instruction for the written part of the test from a retired new york police officer and I still failed.

Ok, I guess that was a mistake.

Well, I didn't meant it like that, it's more that she never did anything to make Twilight more sociable. She did the same thing with Sunset, probably for the same reasons. There's just something wrong here. Either she deliberately stunted Twilight social growth or she sincerely had no clue that her own student was a reclusive shut-in, even though she was planning for her to learn the magic of friendship.

I can kind of agree about Cadance, but if she had just told Twilight to make friends with these 5 specific ponies, their friendship wouldn't have been natural, and the Elements might not have worked.

Well, tricking Twilight into finding the Elements, not bothering to listen to her about Cadance, sure she was being hysterical but would a quick check would have been all that much to ask, considering she knew that Canterlot was threatened? And there's also the fact that Twilight has a full on case of OCPD and Celestia did nothing about it when Twi was her student.

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