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This story is a sequel to Ponemurdered

Sixteen authors, one story. I foresee precisely zero problems.

This story is the result of a round-robin event, wherein each author only got to read the chapter immediately previous to write their own. Updating every day until completion, it is pretty much the same as the previous Ponemurdered, but this time, there was an epic twist for the writers, and quite possibly the readers too. No one knew who had written what.

It went about as well as you would expect with a project like this.

Within are many authors you may or may not have read the horse words of in the past and present, including a few original authors from the first Ponemurdered! This is the story that they wrote, and these are the people who wrote it:

Doctor Disco
All Art Is Quite Useless
Whatever Seven's Name Is
The 24th Pegasus
Majin Syeekoh
Celesti Lateo
Pen Stroke
Cold in Gardez
Lise Eclaire

There are still no elephants

Updates everyday for ten days.

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Could I possibly be drafted for the next ponemurdered? This seems interesting to do.

This was a pleasure to contribute to. Can't wait to read everyone else's efforts throughout the day!

Whatever Seven's Name Is

Oh, you 😘

Here I thought I had managed to get rid of Pony Q. Silly, silly me!

"I think she'll have it fixed in twenty-eight minutes. If it goes longer, then maybe it’s time to worry."

A disaster that involves one or more of the Elements of Harmony and lasts longer than roughly twenty-eight minutes is known as a Code Season Bookend, according to the Royal Guard Alternative Disaster Scale.


Sorry, but the two are very different things. They don't even have the same number of limbs!

Meanwhile, Derpy Hooves executes a daring rescue of the Crusaders entirely by accident while picking up bagels for the post office.

What? Fits just as well with the rest of the story. :raritywink:

I would like to go on record to say that the chapter that is currently displayed definitely an incomplete version of what was written. You guys guys might wanna recheck which file was uploaded...

Good job with the opening! An interesting hook... let’s hope the next guy goes off the deep end with this eh?

And thus with the attack on Big Mac the adventure begins! Time to cheer on for our trio and wonder... Why is Ahuizotal small and not attacking Daring? Oh well let’s hope it’s covered by the next author! Good job on your part my dude love the action

Oh no the Swat Team 6 is here... or were they the Mane 6? Oh well another excellent inclusion in this runaway train of authors!

How fast can the next author dump Snips and Snails? We'll have to see... another great section to an awesome story!

Alright fellas someone forgot to install the fourth wall... maybe the next author can patch the hole. Another great addition to my collection

I was excited to see Dave listed among the involved authors. He's a hidden gem of the site. This is a great breather chapter, especially given the minimal data of the previous one... though the "She couldn't even remember how and why they all decided to do it in the first place!" bit comes out a bit more twisted when you know that it's because the Crusaders' lives are at stake. :twilightoops:

A story that went so far off the rails, it had to go up a level of fictionality to keep going. And then it got more meta.

A delightful bit of madness. Thank you all for it.

What if Tirek was Cadence, Luna, and Celestia all in a costume?

No comments on this chapter.
Crap... I'm contradicting myself.

“You bet Jur-ass-ic could be,” Starlight replied.

A little short-term foreshadowing never hurt anybody.

Only one question you still doing these

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