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"Inspiration does not come to the lazy. It only comes to those who call it." - P. I. Tchaikovsky

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Welcome to My Page

Dear Reader,

Chances are, your curiosity has driven you here to find out who faved your story or put it into one of my several libraries. Or maybe you wanted to know what kind of Brony wrote the story(ies) you've read. You wanted to know who I am I suppose. Well, you can call me CrackedInkWell. I'm a freelance FIMFiction writer who writes down whatever I want because I wanted to. I'm from Idaho, and became a fan by accident (by that I mean a creepypasta reading of Cupcakes.)

For security and privacy reasons, I won't directly tell you where exactly I am, nor my real name. However, I will tell you that I'm a guy, in his early twenties, a closeted bisexual (that leans towards guys), has an obsession with "classical" music (particularly Beethoven), and I'm the founder of "Bronies for Classical Music," "The Free LGBT Story Society," and the newly formed "The Storybook Graveyard."

One last thing, I'll have you know that some of my stories are either currently unedited or still don't have any cover art. If you wish to volunteer and you know that you can be committed in finishing it, please PM me for further discussion.

Signed, your fellow writer and closeted Brony,

- CrackedInkWell.


Happy Halloween - Face Reveal · 8:05pm October 31st

Dear Bronies and Pegasisters,

First off, Happy Halloween! Next to Christmas, I must say that this is one of my favorite holidays for personal reasons. Not just the whole candy and costumes, but rather for the creativity that people pour into this. There are countless ghost stories, tons of creative ways of surprising people, and a good amount of effort that's been poured into trying to get the costume just right.

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The Gay Pony Collection

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To the author - I saw this image and it instantly reminded me of you...Don't worry it's nothing dirty!
p.s: btw i'm doing pretty well at the moment:)

Noice, I reccoemnd that you look at other possible alternatives to that theory of liniar looping-causality time-travel, and how it breaks determinsim, but doesnt grant most peoples sense of free-will.
specifically this chunk at the bottom

For truly indeterministic interpretations (such as Copenhagen), if “ontic probability” is inherent in the collapse of the wave function, then no person can be said to have any control over the results. It must follow the probabilistic rules of the wave itself.

If there really was such a thing as ontic probability, and if any one decision relied on any number of these events, I think they would be quite annoying. Rather than a conscious causal process leading to your decisions, you would have events that could happen in many different ways that would change your output based on “probabilistic luck”. It would be like each decision you make was based on the results of a Casino slot machine. And when and if you pull a specific lever would depend on the results of another slot machine, so on down the line.

This is not “free will” in any sense – even compatibilist notions would have a problem with it

PS. noice! is it going to be more about the dialectic and truth? of consciousness and phenomenology?

Hm... I have Sandbar in mind for the subject of Fate vs. Free Will. I guess the time travel perspective could come in handy.

P.S. I'm strongly considering using a bit of Hagel for Starlight, especially for the topic: If Worst Comes to Worst.

I have another suggestion...
hear me out on this one.

You know philosophy

So you understand the implications that this has on free-will in the mlp universe.

This Philosophical implications of time-travel is very interesting for a lot of people, I think that many would enjoy it if you covered it at some point. :pinkiehappy:

To be honest, in the beginning, I didn't have the avatar that you see. Originally it was a picture of a clock face. But the longer that I had been on this site, I've noticed that most of the authors and readers (especially the ones that I admire) have theirs in a pony form, mostly an OC. So one day I said to my self "Why not?" and went on Pony Generator to design what would become my avatar. To be honest, I didn't figure it all out right away. I had to play around with the thing until I can look at it and say "Yes, that's me." Eventually, the pieces fell into place. An earth pony, dark blue, a brown mane with blond highlights in them and bronze glasses. Originally I was going to put on a cutie mark that reflected my namesake, but I don't have the technical know-how to do it.

As to the story of my avatar? Well, I have tried to do just that but I was never able to finish it. However, there's still enough info about 'em.

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