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"Inspiration does not come to the lazy. It only comes to those who call it." - P. I. Tchaikovsky

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Dear Reader,

Chances are, your curiosity has driven you here to find out who faved your story or put it into one of my several libraries. Or maybe you wanted to know what kind of Brony wrote the story(ies) you've read. You wanted to know who I am I suppose. Well, you can call me CrackedInkWell. I'm a freelance FIMFiction writer who writes down whatever I want because I wanted to. I'm from Idaho, a closeted Brony, and became a fan by accident (by that I mean a creepypasta reading of Cupcakes.)

For security and privacy reasons, I won't directly tell you where exactly I am, nor my real name. However, I will tell you that I'm a guy, in his early twenties, a closeted bisexual (that leans towards guys), has an obsession with "classical" music (particularly Beethoven), and I'm the founder of "Bronies for Classical Music," "The Free LGBT Story Society," and the newly formed "The Storybook Graveyard."

One last thing, I'll have you know that some of my stories are either currently unedited or still don't have any cover art. If you wish to volunteer and you know that you can be committed in finishing it, please PM me for further discussion.

Signed, your fellow writer and closeted Brony,

- CrackedInkWell.


The Short Travel Journal of CrackedInkWell · 4:49am August 9th

Since I'm expecting to return home tomorrow afternoon, I thought it may interest a few of you that might wonder how my trip went.

Day 1


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it happens, still this could be a wakeup call to be more active around he and should start promoting myself with my commissions offers.

Still it was nice you did, have a good day.

Well, I'm actually surprise that I didn't already. After all, you have helped me.

Nice to see you follow me, after knowing each other for so long, I hope we will still get to talk more often.

Yeah I didn't think so, weird not sure where my brain was roaming off to this time.

That would be highly unlikely, as that would indicate I have a Skype account.

  • Viewing 128 - 132 of 132
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