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Basically this is a group specifically for people to write about what goes on during the Sombra timeline in the Season 5 finale. Create fan fiction about it! Expand it!

Let's build awesome stories about it!

And yes, there is another group like this. But my group has the better looking name...:trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

Remember that.:ajsmug:

The Rules:
-Follow Site Rules (Duh)
-Only put stories that relate to the Sombra-Verse in the group folders (Also Duh)
-Self Promotion is explained in a thread created by yours truly. You should check it out.
-Try and keep threads about ponies, it doesn't have to be specifically about the new Verse.
-If you must troll then keep it classy. You are in a group about the one true ruler of the Crystal Empire after all.
-Other than that, just don't be an obnoxious twat and go nuts.

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the seventh wheel of cheese

405568 sixth bonehead.

the fifth elephant.

...RIP Pratchett. )':

Knock. Four. Times.

405526 Third times the charm.

405525 Second.

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