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"Love is everywhere, all you have to do to find it is open your heart and believe" ~Unknown

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Sky Who? (A biography of sorts)

Sky Blue, that's who! I'm a Brony who's seen some depressing stuff but keeps a light head and heart!

That's all I'll tell you for now.

Stay fly, my friends.
Sky out.

Random facts my bio doesn't contain...

I don't like cheese
I plan to one day play all teh Mario RPGs... just one more to go, unless new ones come out
I make my own breakfast... sometimes I make lunch and dinner for my family.
I'm a huge fan of TRG, but not really because I'm only interested in Mario, Kirby, and Legend of Zelda.

Lifelong Dreams

Number 5: To beat Bonetail before fighting Hooktail.
Number 4: To become a Let's Player and befriend The Runaway Guys... maybe even join them
Number 3: To publish an album and start a band
Number 2: To become a major game developer
And... my most important, deepest, most heartfelt wish of all...
Number 1: To meet my true love and marry her. (I'm so confused I don't even know who I'm in love with... this will be the hardest dream to achieve)

Awesome Quotes. Guess who they're from! Seriously, guess! PM me if interested!

"It is time... I will show you my real form... I will show you my true power... I will teach you some respect... And I shall have my revenge! NOOOOOOOOOOOO...!!!"

"Grr! It'd better be important. I'm right in the middle of a friendly chat with the princess."

"Hmm... So, you are not weak. Maybe you are less useless than you appear."

"I am not violent by nature, you know. I'd prefer to settle this peacefully, in fact."

"But I told you to catch it, didn't I? And you failed. Ka ha ha ha ha ha!"

"BWAHAHA! Put a lid on it, Rusty! I'll show you the true meaning of PAIN...T!"

"You are wise to hesitate. Without a weapon or armor, you have no chance."

"In the last moments of the finale of the finale, when relief leads to negligence that begets rashness... That is when the comeback that faltered comes back and beats your pathetic comeback that I scoff at!"

Songs I've written AND made music videos of... (Not many)




Songs I've been listening to.

Awesome Video Game Soundtracks


Sailor Moon · 4:34pm Last Thursday

Serena is best waifu. Just sayin'.


Pre Hooktail Pit Run Stream on Twitch! · 11:24pm July 2nd

I'm gonna do it. For those of you who don't know, a "Pre Hooktail Pit Run" is a challenge that requires a player of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (which is my favourite game of all time) to do the Pit of 100 Trials (a 100-floor dungeon with a battle on every floor that doesn't end in zero, and a dragon named Bonetail at the bottom that serves as the hardest boss in the game) BEFORE fighting Hooktail. (Another dragon, Bonetail's sister, who "protects" the first Crystal Star, a kind of

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Inventing a new Brony Convention... · 7:27pm May 3rd

I need some help. I'm calling it Dashville, because it's in Asheville, where I live. Any tips and tricks for setting up the con? Dates? Ways to lure entice my fellow bronies? Ways to reach out to people who live in Asheville, NC? If you live in Asheville, please tell me!

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Thank you so much for the follow! Any reason why?

Here... start off with 9 Star Points. (✨ x 9)

It's a Paper Mario reference, specifically to "The Thousand-Year Door" which is the second game in the series. Earn 100 and you level up.

Ah, well thanks for the follow.

...no reason... a friend of a friend is another friend, I guess.

Thanks for following me. May I asked why?

thats awesome to hear. i hoep to see you again soon, buddy o pal

I followed you because of her... and her because of one of my friends.

my girlfriend is very happy that you followed her. it made her awesome day awesomer!

I really like your profile. Maybe you can come visit mine soon :raritywink:

PM me... I tend to get a bit "clingy" when I mention her... and I don't want that "clinginess" on my userpage.

Oh gosh, I died. :trollestia:
Well, I mean, I wouldn't mind hearing about her, XD. People like to talk about their boyfriends/girlfriends all the time. I see no point in stopping you if you want to talk about her. :P

I do hope we can be good friends though. Maybe I can tell you a little bit about my girlfriend... but you probably don't wanna know.

I'm taken too... I just felt like the moment called for that song. Remember, Hans was a liar.

That is pretty crazy... and I like crazy.
But sorry, already taken. I do think friends would be nice :twilightsmile: You seem like a really nice person who I would enjoy getting to know more, just in a platonic way.

I say crazy stuff all the time. So go ahead. just don't make it too crazy :P

Can I just say something crazy?

Lol, well, still. Kind of opposite for me. I learned a lot from my older brother who's 21 now. There's still much for me to learn, but I consider him a gifted artist. He's so much better than I am. I just need to get him to join dA.

  • Viewing 657 - 676 of 676
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