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just here for the stories and my fellow bronies

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Scribbler's reading · 8:50pm Nov 14th, 2016

Hello friends and followers

'tis I, the one who might as well be a zombie with the amount he comes back from the dead to ramble.

Anyway, just posting this blog to let y'all know that Scribbler Productions has done an audio adaption of my story Small Bump, and I absolutely love it! Some might say it fills me with determination... the determination to finally get a new chapter out? Maybe. Did you know it's been like two years since 6 shades' last chapter? The hell happened there?

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Hello. It's still going.

That's kinda what I hope will happen, since I've started reading stories more frequently again I feel like it is getting more in the to write something, I certainly want to kick my own ass for not writing more already :rainbowlaugh: I could see myself writing some Octascratch, especially if I end up reading a whole bunch at once, that's how it was with stuff like Appledash, Raridash and Twijack :ajsmug:

Really I would watch any anime as long as it entertain enough, be it a fast paced action or slow paced drama. As it stands I've really only seen a few of the more well known series like DBZ, Attack on Titan, One Punch Man, etc. I started watching Sailor Moon and liked it, but haven't gotten round to watching more. I was also discussing anime with a friend of mine on here and they recommended a series called Your lie in April, probably should get round to watching that as I promised them I would a while ago :twilightsheepish:


Well, maybe after you read some more you'll feel like writing. That's how it works for me sometimes, plus if you read some OctaScratch and write some I would totally read it.

What's you preferences for anime? I could probably reccomend you a few.

I know what you mean, certain fics can take ships off like crazy, I mean University Days has like, over 7000 likes, that's crazy! I definitely gotta get round to reading more, and writing more, it's been forever since I published something :applejackunsure:

Anyway, I'll make sure to read more Octascratch, both yours and others. I should watch more anime too :rainbowlaugh: I love anime :heart:

No prob mate :twilightsmile: I just recently read through your series 'the cute, the fluffy, and romantic', plus I flicked your list of other stories and saw stuff that interested so you seemed certainly worthy of a follow :raritywink:

  • Viewing 137 - 141 of 141
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