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Because TrixDash is the ultimate blue ship of all time!

Two egos that are beat only by Seto Kaiba, one ruling the sky, the other ruling ze magicks, both kicking ass and doing Discord proud in the pranking department. Life in Ponyville is never dull with these two around, though it's certainly never quiet either.

Now the ultimate question on everypony's mind: who's on the bottom?

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Noticed an unfamiliar group next to my story, turns out it is what i always wanted. :trixieshiftright::rainbowlaugh:
I'll be keeping an eye on this.
I'm not sure who i have to thank for adding the story. But thanks :yay:

I think we need some folders...

332782 Hell, I don't even remember. Maybe it wasn't you, but I thought it was. Something I read a while back about someone's ego being pushed to "seto kaiba-ville"


The only one that was intentional was the one in this group's description. Can you list some of the other ones I've made? :applejackconfused:

Yukito, I'm pretty sure you've made several references to Seto Kaiba recently. Do you have some unhealthy fixation on Yu-Gi-Oh? :trollestia:

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