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I was introduced to MLP by a friend in S3. At the time I teased him about it a little, but I guess the joke is on me as here I am now, writing Trixie shipfics. Feedback is always welcome.

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The Shipshelf · 10:26pm Mar 12th, 2017

Hey folks, a short but sweet announcement,

Mellow Mirth from The Shipshelf recently wrote a Review of Trixie's Forest Retreat.:pinkiegasp:
(Thanks for the hard work, Mellow!:yay:)

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2415249 I figured. :raritywink: I've seen the stories you've worked on that have been updated recently. All is well, I guess. I posted a blog a few days ago complaining about my boss. I'm working on updating Wonderbolt my Heart: After Story. *Having trouble with a particular section of Spitfire doing unmentionable things. :twilightblush: Just working out the kinks before I send it out tomorrow. Also congrats on getting a review for your story.

Heyas Zalla. Going great thanks, you?:pinkiehappy:
Regarding editing, I'm afraid I can't help. I do still edit, but I've had to scale down to just a couple authors. :raritydespair:

Hey there Crow! How's it going? I had a question, or more like a request for help editing again. Would you be able to or are you too busy with others? I've seen several stories you're working on currently.

2398275 She's more like sourpatch kid. :rainbowlaugh:

Only the finest earnomming goodness. :heart:
I wonder if Limestone's taste sour. :trollestia:

  • Viewing 121 - 125 of 125
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