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I was introduced to MLP by a friend in S3. At the time I teased him about it a little, but I guess the joke is on me as here I am now, writing Trixie shipfics. Feedback is always welcome.


This story is a sequel to Trixie's Forest Retreat

After Boast Busters, Trixie stuck around, if not entirely by choice. Follow her attempts at working out her relationship and tertiary participation through season one.

After a rough start, everything is coming up roses for Trixie.

Recovered from her injuries, reimbursed for her trouble, acquainted with new friends, and dating the two best pegasi in existence, Trixie can hardly believe her luck. She's gotten more than she could have ever asked for.

It's a good thing she doesn't have history she'd rather not see come to light and secrets she'd rather keep buried. Nor did she claim to have stolen a book once to the only pony in town obsessive enough to do a lot of digging.

Assuming everything is exactly how she imagines, all she has to do now is hold on to her new life.

Editing, Brainstorming and Bickering: Phaoray, Knight of the Raven

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“Alright,” Rainbow Dash lept from the chair and over Trixie, landing eye to eye with her, “what’s your problem, now?”
“Wh-hey,”Trixie sputtered and scooted away from her. “You shouldn’t ask!”
“Why not?”
“You should, you know, just know!”
Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes. “How am I supposed to know if you don’t let me know?”
“How about you just think about it? You should know!”
“That doesn’t make any sense!”
“You don’t make any sense!” Trixie retorted

Gotta hate it when people have that mind set of just getting angry at others just because they should know everything without having to ask. So much hate goes on from just that alone...

Well, perhaps they were half right. Trixie smirked as she looked out the bedroom window, and down at one of the only two fillies she had any interest in eating.


Spike wearily soaked his mop in the bucket and looked over at Twilight. “So you can get this over with and blast her with friendship lasers already.”


“Omigosh,” an unfamiliar voice called out. Trixie turned to look at the pink pony bouncing up and down besides them. “So, that’s what three kicks and a jerk means. Trixie’s here!”


One more:

“So…” Rainbow Dash embraced Trixie while doing her best not to meet Pinkie’s gaze. “...Fuck Fluttershy?”

“Fuck Fluttershy,” Trixie echoed.


But seriously, how can you be mad at her? It's not possible you jerk.

Okay, I'm done.

Too bad Dan VS is gone. :pinkiesad2:

But seriously, how can you be mad at her? It's not possible you jerk.

"No, no, not jerk. Kick Kick Kick Jerk!" :pinkiehappy:

It's been a month and Rarity still isn't finished with Trixie's hat and cape?

Haha, alright! Great to see this sequel out in the light of day!

I'm loving the character development of Trixie here, where she is trying to be mindful of FS. Granted, she wasn't very subtle about being really upset, but that's Trixie! I'm more surprised that FS would be so thoughtless, so I'm getting the feeling something else is going on here. FS might be getting the value repaired or something. She certainly sounded like she was trying to think on her feet when she first asked the animals where the cloak was and then admitted to throwing it out. I smell a rat! And poor Trixie will probably make an donkey out of herself if she isn't careful. But that's nothing new and she's doing better than I would have guessed!

It's honestly nice to see Twilight acting a little paranoid and insecure here. I feel she gets portrayed TOO competent in her early days in Ponyville in some fiction. Frankly, she's almost as new to the friendship game as Trixie. In canon Twilight has the advantage of 6 good friends, life or death bonding and magical destiny but here she's hampered a bit by her insecurity in the face of Trixie who seems to have come out of nowhere and made friends with Twi's precious friends. And to top it off, she can't get along with her friend's new friend due to understandable differences AND Trixie is insufferable by nature to boot. That is a real doozy of a friendship lesson to learn and I doubt Trixie will make it easy. Does Twi know about her friends dating? That will be another fun lesson! Honestly, it might be interesting to see Trixie learning more about friendship at the expense of Twilight until they can both reach a point where they realize that together they can learn some of the hardest lessons and make the biggest strides.

Dash is sweet and really trying to do her best and I love it. She has her priorities (right out wrong) and is trying her best to be as loyal as she correctly can. I think her shared moment with Trixie in the end is nice. She really likes Trixie (for some reason) and is putting up with a lot of her bull the best way she can. I hope we get to see more of Trixie supporting RD and pulling her own weight in the relationship. You might be dropping some hints with the repeated message of how RD is struggling at work, but I'm just guessing. It could be something completely different!

Pinkie Pie was a delight, I'm so glad we finally got to see her. I thought you did a good job getting her tone right. Insightful and annoying. Also a little blind to discomfort. Trixie didn't get a good first impression, but PP was very friendly and understanding. If Twi isn't careful, she'll be the only one on the unfriendly side and that will be interesting. I know Rarity isn't super best friends, but she has an understanding. Ooh, also it sounded like PP might know that they're dating (she mentioned a first fight and she IS best friends with Dash). If so, it'll probably hurt Twi's feelings to hear last. So much drama set up!

Alright, I could say more, but I'm going to wrap this review up here! As always, please forgive the typos and thank you for the chapter! :twilightsmile:

Even if Fluttershy didn’t seem to mind playing doormat to them, Trixie was not about to let some beasts dictate her pace. No matter how cute they were, they couldn’t be allowed to boss her Fluttershy around. That was her job.

Wow, you portray Trixie in probably her truest self like she was in the show back then. Great job Crow. I'm only this far and I am already laughing my ass off. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:/:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Maybe she's decided to keep them all to herself? They are the best clothes ever, after all. :raritywink:

Hah, good to see you. :raritywink:

Don't tell anyone, but I occasionally use your insights as inspiration. :raritywink:

Uhm, no, I... I definitely threw it out. Honest.:fluttercry:

Twilight, oh dear Twilight. She really is getting the muddy end of the stick, and she's not even wrong. Fortunately, these situations are the really the times where she works best as a character: when she's coming apart at the seams a little bit and doesn't know how to deal with a situation just yet. Canonically, this isn't a lesson that Twilight had to deal with till season six, when Starlight befriends Trixie, but I suppose I've relaxed a little bit on the concept of being canonically compatible with the entire six seasons of the show. Just the first two will do have to do. :ajsleepy:

I'm glad you enjoyed Pinkie Pie's appearance. :pinkiehappy: She's so bubbly and fun to write, and with Trixie playing the part of the uninitiated for her to bounce off of her personality just shines. Pinkie's brief appearance last time was fun, but as you noted earlier, she deserved more screentime since her friends all had much more by now. Now that Trixie's no longer in danger of suffering brain hemorrhages from Pinkie's antics, she's 'safe' to be around. :pinkiecrazy: Yay for healing.

Mhm, I wonder what that I says about me... Between Pinkie and Trixie, maybe I should start to worry about how much fun I have writing insufferable, annoying and obnoxious characters? :trollestia:

Thanks for the review. Always awesome. :yay:

It is my pride and joy to write Trixie as obnoxiously yet adorably as I possibly can. :raritywink:

“So…” Rainbow Dash embraced Trixie while doing her best not to meet Pinkie’s gaze. “...Screw Fluttershy?”

“Screw Fluttershy,” Trixie echoed.

Awww, why did you change it? Having them actually curse gives the statement a lot more emphasis, and also makes Pinkie's reaction more realistic. And it was a good example of a precision f-strike.

Initially, I wasn't aware it was such a loaded word. In a show where 'Peeved' is enough to make everyone drop everything and cover foal's ears, I think the same effect can be achieved as is. :twilightblush:






Ugh, fine..... I still want more octytrix...... On the other hand I can't wait to see how Trixie Rainbow, and Flutters screw up together. That and the possibility of an actual three date session happening.


I agree, you've written FlutterxTrixiexDash for years, time to move on to Trixtavia! :rainbowdetermined2:


:trollestia:That sick on of a-- he dares troll us!?! :rainbowlaugh: How dare he!?!


This is my soul after I saw complete on the other story. Oh, well, it was god while it lasted. Unless.... we ban together and boycot his other works and demand more octytrix!! I'm a genius!

It has finally begun... I can't wait. I made sure I put in an extra order of Ryona with a side of Ryona and some Ryona tea... all of them Trixie flavored. Emotionally scared Dash is good too =) ...what's this? *Reads title* *Begins Chuckling* Well... I definitively don't mind staying for the... *notices T tag* oh you're insufferable... sigh okay bring it on.... I'll be waiting.

(Really thank you for continuing this arc)

I am the worst. :trollestia:

Don't lose hope entirely though, I think we all know I sometimes can't help myself. :pinkiecrazy:

It's good to see you again.

“I mean, going into the everfree forest is why you lost them to begin with… what if you lose something else this time?”

Dating the captain of the weather team had its perks.



The worst? Or the greatest and most powerful?

Seriously though, it's good to see the sequel up.

Thanks for pointing those out. :twilightblush:


An excellent question. :trixieshiftright:

Good to see you've made it. :yay:

I loved your previous story and am sure loving this one. Cant get enough.


That... that picture is truly frightening! :raritycry: that will be haunting my dreams tonight, and not in a good way :fluttercry:

Save me Trixie!!! :fluttershbad:


Aahhh, much better! :yay:

7871268 Trixie comes to save the day for all!! :raritywink:

“Oh, Spike,” Twilight looked at her adorably naive assistant. “How could they possibly like her? She can’t go two sentences without insulting somepony.

Well, that may be true but if Trixie ain't insulting you, something is wrong.
More so if she doesn't call you by some nickname.
Heyseed, etc...

“So…” Rainbow Dash embraced Trixie while doing her best not to meet Pinkie’s gaze. “...Screw Fluttershy?”
“Screw Fluttershy,” Trixie echoed.

That has two meanings!:trollestia:

A blush flashed over Trixie’s face and she quickly turned away, facing the bookshelves. “You really should repair your relations with the rankled rebel yourself, right?” Trixie avoided looking at her as she answered, instead grabbing a book from the shelves.

“What am I supposed to do? At this rate, the whole library will be flooded by next week!”

Have you even talked to Rainbow your friends right.

So... I get a contract to go overseas for a year, and I think to myself... Oh this will be great!~ I can go for a year, let Crow'scrowcrow do the author-y thing and when I get back I have a whole year's worth of supply of FlutterTrixDash!~ It'll be great!! It'll be awesome!!

...Except that it wasn't....

And that makes me full of concern..... Followed by sadness... Followed by emptiness... Followed by heart wrenching pain...

I truly hope you're okay. You're my favorite author in this site. Please message me back!~

Awh. I'm sorry. I hope you at least had a good time overseas in the meantime.

It was terrible, dangerous, depressing and exhausting. But at least I'm back and safe again. Have you suffered a long term block? Perhaps talking to a friend can help. PM me your skype info if your interested!~ =) Reeeaaally looking forward to more Ryona Trixie xP Or perhaps, drive and inspirations are dwindling, In that case, hanging out with a friend may help, PM me your skype info if you're interested!~ Perhaps it may be some personal issues that have affected you, In that case, staying over with friends may help, or buy a motorcycle. Riding a bike is awesome and inspiring, it'll give you a whole new outlook on life, I might not be able to provide you shelter (unless you live close by), I can't offer you a motorcycle (but I can give you a ride if you live close by) so PM me your skype info if interested!~ =)

Comment posted by Replica Knight deleted Aug 5th, 2019

Can I ask? Is the story still in the works or is it dead?

That is a fair question.
I'm working on the next chapter.

Which feels strange to say when the last chapter is from 2016. :unsuresweetie:

Well I've read other stories that took just as long and they finally finished so yeah it's cool.

I thought this story was dead, it is a welcome surprise. I hope I don't wait two and a half years for the next chapter?:ajsmug:

This story can be just like Game of Thrones or The Wheel of Time if that happens, and everyone likes those books! :pinkiehappy:

I can't blame you. :twilightsheepish:
A Hiatus is darn close to a Canceled, but I always intended to finish it, I swear.

As for the next chapter, I've already started on it, lets shoot for less than year this time? :raritywink:

Holy crap. This got an update! I’m so happy! One of my favs. I need to reread it. It’s been so long.

Oh! I'm really happy a new chapter was released. There hasn't really been a lot of Trixie fics I've loved reading since this story stopped updating. You and Phaoray stopped around the same time. I still came to check up on your profile and this story on occasion, though! It was really exciting to see a new chapter... And really relieving to see the chapter wasn't just a notification that the story was canceled!!

Saw a small glitch in the Matrix, too! Twilight repeated herself...

“I do!” Twilight said hastily, noticing a surprising feeling of relief within herself. She hadn’t really been convinced when Trixie claimed Rainbow Dash was as eager as she was. “Hah, that’s so much better. Okay, then I think we need to ”

“I do!” Twilight said hastily, noticing a surprising feeling of relief within herself. She hadn’t really been convinced when Trixie claimed Rainbow Dash was as eager as she was, but now she could be sure. Twilight brushed her mane back...

Thanks for the chapter. Now I wait Phaoray to update as well!

Oh boy, I almost don't remember anything, it seems I'll have to start rereading.

It's good to see familiar faces are still around. I was worried to be honest. :yay:
Thanks for you patience everyone.

Reread? You are braver ponies than I. :rainbowlaugh:
My hope is that Chapter 1 of TTT will prove sufficient to catch you back up.

Thank you. :yay:

Reading this I realized that I forgot to add 'chapter 2' in front of 'something long overdue'. I could see how that mistake might lead you to believe it could have been an announcement of cancellation. Woops! :twilightoops:

That's one persistent Glitch! Pharaoh pointed that out to me as well and I was sure I'd fixed it already. :rainbowderp:
Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

My pleasure. I'll make sure to poke Phaoray for you. :raritywink:

Gah, it took me too long to get to this, but I felt like I just had to re-read the first instalment before reading this. The update was a pleasant surprise and reading this was really fun! It's great to hear again from ' The Great and Powerful Trixie'.

As a sidenote, after reading your AN, I looked at my time to see 5:43. Are you a kind reader?

Haha. Maybe not a mind reader but...
Perhaps something of the sort. :raritywink:

If you're still craving more, I'm nearly finished with the next chapter. :yay:
(Probably will be up somewhere this week.)

Oh! An exciting chapter. Good set up for future drama, haha. Trixie is really flexing in this chapter. Between predicting Twilight's reaction to Dash's situation, manipulating Spike, hitting it off with Pinkie and playing such close attention to Dash and Fluttershy... Trixie is really showing off her social skills. They seem to have been improving significantly. Trixie looks to have grown too care and pay more attention to others!

But man, that Dash revelation at the end... Sounds like Trixie might be getting hurt in the future of this love triangle. It's obviously some good insight into Dash (probably feels that her feelings towards Fluttershy were not reciprocated) and now I'm curious about how Fluttershy feels.

Man, it does suck to feel like a second choice, though. I'm preparing for the delicious drama and I can't wait for the next chapter!

I think I saw a typo, btw. This passage didn't look right...

The fact that Twilight had not yet come after Trixie to ‘stop her’ after she skulked out like that could only mean
If Twilight was doing just that, which meant surely the two of them had made up somehow or another.

Thank you for the chapter!!

I'm glad you had a good time!
Yeah, maybe hanging out with Dash and Fluttershy has been good for Trixie in more ways than one. Learning how to empathize and pay attention to someone other than herself is always good, but it may also have given some of her other less admirable talents a synergy boost.
It's too bad she's oblivious to all those storm clouds gathering at the moment. :trixieshiftleft:

I feel bad for everypony involved at the end there, but I also can't wait to write how it plays out. xD

Thanks reading and for pointing that typo out. Should be fixed now. ^^

Will reread later (haven't read the last two chapters).

But can you fix the paragraph spacing in this chapter? They only need a single space of distance. The massive space between paragraphs makes it harder to follow the flow.

Ah, that's what's wrong. I thought I was just imagining it being weird.
Thanks for pointing that out. Fixed it.

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