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I was introduced to MLP by a friend in S3. At the time I teased him about it a little, but I guess the joke is on me as here I am now, writing Trixie shipfics. Feedback is always welcome.

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Crowd Sourcing: What might Poison Joke do to Trixie? · 1:11am Nov 29th, 2019

Trixie's Threeway Trouble is about to reach the Bridle Gossip episode. Now what? :rainbowderp:

Lets try something new. I thought it would be fun to see if we can come up with some good 'curses' to put Trixie under. It wouldn't be fair to have just Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash fall victim to it, after all. Now, you might be thinking to yourself: "Wait, isn't that your job?" Well, you'd be right. I did come up with some, but the wisdom of crowds is no (poison) joke. :trollestia:

I have no idea how this will turn out, but I can either sit at my desk and think on it solo, or I can try this and see how it goes. :pinkiecrazy:

Comment down below with anything you think might be interesting to see.

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Poison joke effects are always a commentary on the personality of the character afflicted, so for Trixie it seems to me that, being a showboater, it would be appropriate for her magic and fireworks to have unpleasant side effects, or to be changed to something underwhelming. Like if she lights off her fireworks and gets a cloud of stinking gas instead, or crude sound effects.

Usually effects are just physical, so she could also be struck with a ludicrous color scheme which detracts from her stage persona, such as if her coat was spotted with hollow pink love hearts.

The Great and Powerful Fizzie. :moustache:

What if the Poison Joke gave her uncontrollable powerful magic combined with crude sound effects?

Maybe it'll effect her like a truth serum

Make it to where she has to tell the truth about her feelings! No more beating around the bush! If that was a thing. I can't remember now.

While a truth serum would be appropriate, it also might break your story's pacing. So instead, I'll suggest that Trixie gets muted so she can't brag or lie anymore.

Hmm... I'll throw my hat in the ring at trying to think of something!

Lessee... As mentioned before Poison Joke is a commentary on the pony. Interestingly enough, when we look at what it targets in the mane cast I think the argument could be made that (at least in the case of Bridle Gossip) it has targeted the part of themselves that each pony is most proud of (Twilight's horn and magic, Rainbow Dash's mastery of the sky, Pinkie's tongue and her ability to sing the song she was so proud of, Rarity's fabulous hair, Applejack's position as a BIG sister or the respect she feels she's earned and Fluttershy's unassuming and gentle voice that skirts attention).

Now, with this in mind I think it is important to address an issue with poison joke that could be inferred from the above guess to its nature. If it targets what a pony is most proud of, how does it know what that is? Now the obvious answer is "magic" but based on Applejack's curse I would venture a different answer (or at least a corollary if I could be so bold). While Applejack is a well rounded character in the show it could be argued that one of her character vices is pride. Maybe not to the extent of Dash but there is a reason they butt heads so hard. So why was her pride in being a big sister targeted? Why not her pride in her strong legs or work ethic? While perhaps the answer lies in a more fundamental part of Applejack's character I would like to suggest that the answer comes from what each pony is feeling most prideful about at the time of their curse. The magic spores simply latch onto what the pony's are FEELING rather than using some grand magic to know... More like a mischievous empath rather than an all knowing judge of character which is why it doesn't take effect immediately. It measures your pride over the course of some time and then targets what you've felt the most pride towards.

Mind, there is another interpretation that I find equally compelling. Perhaps it doesn't target something a pony has PRIDE in... But rather something they could feel insecure about. Applejack is being challenged... Her sister is growing up and she needs her big sister less (not none at all, mind) but that change worries AJ and she could feel she is unprepared not to fill the position like she used to. Twilight has always relied on her magic but with her new friends she could be worried both at the state of her studies and how much less magic is a sole part of who she is in the face of being a leader and friend maker. Now, I can't look into the motivations of the other characters in the show at the time with any degree of certainty, but I could see similar insecurities being the impetus of their curses if you take some creative liberties. I like this interpretation a lot because it can make the prank all the more disturbing... Especially since it can be taken as an opportunity for someone to learn (or pointedly ignore learning) about themselves.

Therefore I propose a couple of different considerations. The mane six of your story have different worries and motivations right now than the originals (perhaps due to a baby blue wrench in everyone's plans that just hasn't and refuses to be mitigated). If Poison Joke works by current circumstance rather than a grand understanding then the effects could be very different for some ponies after infection.

For starters I've noticed that in your story Fluttershy has taken to hiding in her mane more often due to increased embarrassment both in public AND in private. What if her hair became translucent or she glowed a brighter, whole body, eye catching color when embarrassed or frustrated? Or she changed colors when lying because of her fear and frustration at being caught in a lie? I know that Trixie is commonly thought of as the liar but it depends on what principle you feel Poison Joke really targets... For Trixie it could be a point of pride and for Fluttershy it would be an insecurity.

For RD, if looking for an alternative I could see her hair growing long and poofy... Maybe a little darker... Like a certain rain cloud. Perhaps poofy enough that she has trouble flapping her wings or flying faster than a gentle float? That could both be embarrassing and make it harder to do her job resulting in MORE time at work. Although, in a pinch, I could see her shaving her fur down, haha. Or maybe her hooves get big and heavy? And she accidentally clobbers someone because of how unwieldy they are? ;)

For Trixie (to address your prompt rather than just talking about other, unrequested, topics) I could see a couple options. She has pride in her appearance and stage presence... She could become invisible or her coat (and maybe features because let's face it if Poison Joke can SHRINK a pony it has a lot of leeway to play with) could become very plain or outright ugly. Trixie also wouldn't be complete without her racism... So what if she lost her horn? It's a little close to Twilight's curse... But still valid. It would especially get her goat to have to SHARE an affliction with Twilight. Alternatively you could try to focus on Trixie's insecurities with being an outsider. Like someone that doesn't belong in Ponyville... Or with the group of Elements of Harmony... Or in a relationship with two ponies that she HAS to be worried like each other more than her. I am having trouble thinking of a really good Poison Joke curse for that but I might suggest having her shedding CONSTANTLY. Enough that she can't really stay indoors or around other ponies (because of the hair and sneezing) and is relegated to LITERALLY being stuck outside and is set apart from everyone all the time (or at least making her feel like she's a burden on anyone spending time with her).

Anyways, I'm sure there are more cool curses to explore and if Poison Joke were to work the way I've suggested it could have very variable (very creatively convenient) effects depending on whatever drama of the day is going on! And your story is not short on potential drama so good luck picking something!

My thanks to all you for sharing your thoughts. I'll be keeping these in mind. :yay:

I had not considered crude side effects before, you two are monsters. :raritywink:
Interesting idea to have a boon with a drawback that'd make her not want to use it.

The Great and Truthful Trixie has a good ring to it.:rainbowlaugh:
If Trixie has the option to not speak, it may well make her mute regardless. :unsuresweetie:

Interesting angles on how Poison Joke might function. I particularly like the phrase "mischievous empath".
Pride or Insecurity do seem like solid targets for the redicule.
I do like the idea that the whole effect may change depending on a pony's mindset at the time.
Although Filli Vanilli episode seems to indicate it is static, that did always feel a bit strange.

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