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Gardian Angle

A.K.A. Joy Gardian. Future and current Artist, Author, Singer/Songwriter, Actriss, and Voice Actriss.

My Goals

*=yes x=soon Underline=Working super hard on it
Stories posted:
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Featured on EQD: (I'll be lucky if I get one)
Win a writing contest: (I'll be lucky if I win one)
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Create fan music. *
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Own pony merchandise. *
Meet people who like MLP. *
Make friends with people who like MLP. *
Post fan music online. x
Voice act for fan made videos. x
Make a fan based MLP:FIM mini series using OC's and fan made music. x
Convert a friend/family member into being a brony. x
Go to a brony convention. x
Be apart of a fan project. (stories) x
Be apart of a fan project. (fan art) x
Be apart of a fan project. (videos) x
Meet a brony offline. x
Meet a brony my age. (online) x
Meet a brony my age. (offline) x
Cosplay a character in public. x
Buy cosplay of a character. x
Make cosplay of a character. x
Wear cosplay of a character and post pictures online. x
Have a story/fan art/video brony crew. x
Get Tara Strong's autograph. x
Get John De'Lance's autograph. x
Meet ILoveKimPossibleALot. x
Meet Ink Rose. x
Meet Black Gryph0ne. x
Meet ACRacebest and the whole Bronies react cast. x
Meet Agrol. x
Meet alfa995. x
Meet Alligator Tub Productions. x
Meet AnimatedJames. x
Meet BronyToons. x
Meet D0ubleRainb0wDash. x
Meet Antony C. x
Meet BronyDanceParty. x
Meet Mic the Microphone Zero. x
Meet Wooden Toaster. x
Meet Hotdiggedydemon. x
Meet Mandopony. x
Meet Sabersparks. x
Meet The Living Tombstone. x
Meet DigiBrony. x
Meet Tommy Oliver. x
Meet BVids. x


Top 10 Words of Wisdom

10.Don't let anyone make you think something is wrong just because they don't like it.
9.Don't let the world push you around when all you have to do is stand up for yourself.
8.Don't care about what others think if you like it go for it.
7.If someone ever puts you down don't let it phase you at the end of the day it's just words.
6.Who cares if you make mistakes just keep on keeping on.
5.Saying things a different way maybe a good or bad thing depending on how you word it.
4.No one ever said you have to do what your friends tell you to.
3.If being "cool" means drugs, sex, and money, then I like being a loser.
2.No means no and nothing more.
1.Arguing over stupid things probably means that you want to argue over the real problem but, instead you push it to the side.

Bonus Advice on Fake Friends: Stay away from bulls**t and stupidity then see how many friends you have left.

About Me

1) SombraPie

Favorite main six in order:
1) Rarity
2) Pinkie Pie
3) Twilight
4) Fluttershy
5) Rainbow Dash
6) Applejack (I don't hate her everypony else is just better and I can relate to them more.)

Favorite CMC in order:
1) Scootaloo
2) Sweetie Belle
3) Apple Bloom (she doesn't have an interesting personality like everypony else.)
4)Babs Seed (she wasn't in it enough for me to like her.)

Favorite Princesses in order:
3)Twilight (she's growing on me)
4)Cadence (SOO boring! She's just not as interesting anymore like when she was a fresh new character.)

Top 3 BG Ponies:

My Art Work

Latest Stories

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Thank you very much for the watch! I hope that I don't bore you to tears, and with luck, my one and only story is a decent investment of your time. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the fave on The Five: Into the Beyond:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Thanks for faving Seven Days in Sunny June; Book 2!:twilightsmile:

Thanks for the fav on CotN

Thanks for joining my Group H.K Ponies, and i also <3 to: Read books, Write stories, Sing (if no ones around where I am), Draw my own clothes, Doodle, Draw, and play with my Stuffed Animals :/. ;( :):twilightblush::heart: ,thanks from AidInLife

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