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This group is dedicated to the friendship between Nightmare moon and Chrysalis. Stories in this group must contain a positive relationship between the mistress of darkness and the Changeling queen.
It doesn't have to be the main focus of the story but it must contain both Nightmare moon and Chrysalis and they must be in a positive relationship. It must also be a real friendship, no mutual goal team ups or double crosses allowed, they have to actually like each other.

#1 Positive relationship between Nightmare moon and Chrysalis (can be platonic or romantic)

#2 No double crosses or betrayal unless it's for a good reason and is resolved later in the story

#3 They must like each other at some point and it must remain consistent within the narrative (they can't hate each other later on for no reason)

#4 They can hate each other at first but build a relationship as the story progresses (but not the reverse)

#5 Can include Luna but not exclusively, Nightmare must make an appearance (exc: double personality, Luna and Nightmare fused together)

#6 The above rules can be more loosely applied with Clop stories

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