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The Royal Canterlot Voice welcomes all, to the beauteous shipping group of Twilight Sparkle, Princess Luna, and Pinkie Pie!
Here you can post stories, ask questions on the forum, or just be here. I will allow certain cases of promotion, but please PM me with a link to the story so that I can review it before you promote it. I`m not a jerk about these things, but I won`t let people promote just anything.
-Please don`t be a douche in comments
-Please don`t link to mature-rated fics unless they are in the form of founder-approved promotion
-Altogether, just have fun here!
Also, if you are interested in making a banner or icon for this group. just message me. I`ll almost always accept your request.

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I haven't seen any fics with this ship. Do they even exist?

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