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Pearple Prose

"A cheeky idiot tweedling around the moors." ~ Aragon

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[15/11/2013 22:07:14] Pearple Prose: I want to see what happens when I write drunk.
[15/11/2013 22:08:56] Archonix: 2:1 says Moonlight, 5:3 says Twiluna, 5:1 says explicit Lunestia

^ Sums me up pretty well.

"In my headcanon Pearple Prose carries [two pears] in his pants wherever he goes. When he likes something he takes them out and balances them on top of it while people watch and whisper."

On 22/12/2013, at 05:06, Pearple Prose wrote:
> I do enjoy the daily buttering

On 19/01/2014, at 22:32, thesecret1 wrote:
> Pear sneered at Cassius. "My spaghetti are the best!"

[30/01/2014 00:54:13] RainbowBob: It's weird, certain authors have different voices for their fics when I read them.
[30/01/2014 00:54:39] RainbowBob: Pearple has a down to earth emo skater with a british accent read to me whenever I read his fics.

[11:52:30 AM] Pearple Prose: what the hell happened in here

[11:52:50 AM] Pearple Prose: went from

On 04/02/2014, at 19:47, Selbi wrote:
> the world needs to know about my favorite lesbian getting older


On 04/02/2014, at 19:51, Cutie Papootis wrote:
> My mom is dead

[10:00:40 AM] AJ: For some reason, I can actually imagine Pathos covered from head to toe in his own slime...
[10:00:49 AM] Pathos Mors: My 'own' slime?
[10:00:49 AM] Section: >shotsfired
[10:00:49 AM] Theron Leclerc: ^ that makes two of us
[10:00:56 AM] Pearple Prose: I can imagine Pootis doing a lot of things
[10:01:00 AM] Section: that's
[10:01:01 AM] Section: hm
[10:01:05 AM] Section: hm
[10:01:09 AM] Pearple Prose: Many of which I'd rather not imagine him doing.
[10:01:14 AM] Section: pass the brain bleach please

[2:28:11 PM] Pathos Mors: my spine is tingling
[2:28:14 PM] Pearple Prose: why
[2:28:16 PM] Jessie Stormcaller: He's close

[16/03/2014 02:42:56] Pathos Buttfuck: Man!
[16/03/2014 02:42:59] Pathos Buttfuck: I can't wait for megacon
[16/03/2014 02:43:23] Pearple Prose: you better take pictures
[16/03/2014 02:43:29] Pathos Buttfuck: Should I?
[16/03/2014 02:43:31] Pearple Prose: ye
[16/03/2014 02:43:34] Pearple Prose: of yourself
[16/03/2014 02:43:35] Pearple Prose: alone
[16/03/2014 02:43:41] Pathos Buttfuck: uh...
[16/03/2014 02:43:44] Pearple Prose: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
[16/03/2014 02:43:52] Pathos Buttfuck: Doing what, s-senpai...?
[16/03/2014 02:44:03] Pearple Prose: Pearple Prose hands over a pear
[16/03/2014 02:44:06] Pearple Prose: get creative
[16/03/2014 02:44:07] Pearple Prose: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
[16/03/2014 02:44:08] Pathos Buttfuck: XD
[16/03/2014 02:45:14] Pathos Buttfuck: Pathos Buttfuck blushes madly as she looks away. "Yes, fruit lord. Um..." Pathos looks down at the pear and lifts it up past her filled out shirt and to her lips. She trembles, closes her eyes, and takes a bite, letting out a small gasp after.
[16/03/2014 02:45:49] Pearple Prose: holy shit
[16/03/2014 02:46:45] Pearple Prose: Pearple Prose adjusts his fedora and dips his hand in his bowl of Dippin Dots, then leans back in his chair. "ye keep doing that m'lady ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)"
[16/03/2014 02:47:01] Pathos Buttfuck: I completely lost it at fedora
[16/03/2014 02:47:03] Pathos Buttfuck: I was typing more
[16/03/2014 02:47:05] Pathos Buttfuck: but like damn
[16/03/2014 02:47:07] Pathos Buttfuck: I can't
[16/03/2014 02:47:09] Pathos Buttfuck: Just
[16/03/2014 02:47:10] Pathos Buttfuck: fuck
[16/03/2014 02:47:16] Pearple Prose: Pearple Prose is the best at RP.

[11/04/2014 05:51:21] Pearple Prose: this chat is the best chat
[11/04/2014 05:51:43] Pearple Prose: because small size, cool people, and i can post porn and expect people to post porn in retaliation
[11/04/2014 05:51:56] Pathos Buttfuck: On 11/04/2014, at 05:51, Pearple Prose wrote:
> porn in retaliation
best wording
[11/04/2014 05:52:00] Pathos Buttfuck: It's like WWI
[11/04/2014 05:52:02] Pearple Prose: :D
[11/04/2014 05:52:32] Pathos Buttfuck: Futile, back and forth, poor little (se)men casualties... but overall a damn good time.
[11/04/2014 05:53:03] Pearple Prose: >immediately think of two guys fapping at each other
[11/04/2014 05:53:04] Pearple Prose: ew
[11/04/2014 05:53:26] Pathos Buttfuck: On 11/04/2014, at 05:53, Pearple Prose wrote:
> >immediately think of two guys fapping at each other
So that's not what you imagine when we porn war?
[11/04/2014 05:55:07] Pathos Buttfuck: My mind is always thinking about gruff men sitting in tiny lawn chairs, gritting their teeth, straining their massive beefed up necks, veins protruding vigorously, and their meaty man fist just pumping like a piston as they fumble with the mouse to send more porn links at the enemy.
[11/04/2014 05:55:22] Pearple Prose: ...
[11/04/2014 05:55:27] Pearple Prose: Pearple Prose hues into infinity

[05/05/2014 22:00:59] Queue Fanwank: So yeah, why am I feeling confused by that Batman?
[05/05/2014 22:01:06] Cassius: because you're really gay
[05/05/2014 22:01:12] Queue Fanwank: Huh.
[05/05/2014 22:01:13] Queue Fanwank: Cool.
[05/05/2014 22:01:19] Cassius: noice

[18:23:11] Queue de Spool: I'm, like, 30% gay.
[18:23:15] Queue de Spool: So futa is awesome.
[18:23:27] Queue de Spool: You can quote me on that on FIMFiction.
[18:26:29] Pearple Prose: ok

[01:24:17] Pearple Prose: the issue i have with my story is that like
[01:24:20] Pearple Prose: it's all about like
[01:24:28] Pearple Prose: arrgh
[01:24:29] Pearple Prose: idk
[01:24:54] Pathos Cuckfuck: — pear on writing


A Poem for a Poem · 2:39am March 19th

Do you know Nobody? He’s my best friend,
Once befriended, we'll be friends 'till the end.
He’s right there when I wake up in my bed.
“Hey, have a nice day, Ben,” Nobody said.
Nobody and I, going out to town,
Don’t feel lonely ‘cause Nobody’s around.
We go to the shops to try some new clothes.
“Looks good,” says Nobody, keeping me close.

Night-time: the club with Nobody and I,
Nobody watches me, keeps a close eye.
Nobody helps when I dance and I drink.

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