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Falling for All This Time · 1:07pm September 4th

Let’s talk about SunDagio for a bit. Depending on how exactly you define it, Lost in Paradise is somewhere between my second depiction of the pairing and my fifth.

Spoilers for Lost in Paradise follow. If you haven’t read that one yet, then I’d suggest going no further until you have.

Here’s some cute SunDagio, first:

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Thanks for the fave, hun! I hope you enjoy reading my content! :heart:

It’s nice to see new ships being explored, so I’m somewhat hopeful :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the interest in Sumnambula. Hope you enjoy it.

Aaaa but I've only written one story with 'em. Most of my stuff tends to be about royal horses.

Oh, good! I happen to be fond of heavier stories myself. And as funny as the sirens can be in lighter-hearted stories, it always feels like such a missed opportunity to not go for the heavier takes on them.

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