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One-horned Purple People Eater · 4:12am September 23rd

It hasn't been a great year.

Scaldingly hot take. React to with care.

I haven't been writing very much, lately. What I have been doing is watching an egregious amount of wholesome adorable anime like Higurashi and Kakegurui and drawing a little more consistently than I used to (Still not great at it tho).

But I thought I would try my hand at arting up a lovely perky Very Normal Human waifu from a cheerful happy anime show.

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So a minor spoiler to my story, there all be one character that had died in the anime, but in my story they are going to live.

Glad to hear it, thanks for letting me know! I hope it didn't come across too harshly.

I saw your comment on my story, I understand it and made some revisions to it. Additionally the narration explained what a Titan is in the next chapter, so yeah. In the first chapter they don’t explained what a Titan is until the next.

I'll take it :3

Besides, I do love the background characters that get very little love in the Fanbase :)

  • Viewing 63 - 67 of 67
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