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A cryptic note brings Sunset Shimmer face to face with Adagio Dazzle, but she finds herself woefully unprepared for what her former foe has to say...

Pre-read by and cover art courtesy of the 'Dazzling' MelloReflections.

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Now I'm going to look in the mirror and cry, because this story made me cry in a good way.

Damn. Just damn. You made me feel bad for the sirens. Bravo, sir. Bravo. :raritydespair: :pinkiesad2:
Oh, and this is one of the best EG fics i've read so far. (not a lot, but I doubt much can top this feels trip.)

This might be water-in-the-desert syndrome talking -- I've been waiting months for someone to do a post-RR story that actually tries. There really aren't a lot out there.

But despite having a Dazzlings headcanon that's a full 180 degrees from mine, this story managed to thoroughly captivate me. A little hammy near the end, but I'm forgiving when a story's this character-meaty and full of actual genuine effort. Realized effort, too. Sad or not, in the end I was happy for the knowledge that this exists for me to read again at my leisure.

And for that, I thank you.

~"Principal" Bookish

Well, I don't have anything to add, due to the weight on my emotions right now. So take that for what it's worth, as an accompaniment to the upvote.

That was good. You did a great job pulling me into the moments, making me feel the sadness of the events, yet still making me smile. My favorite aspect of this story, I think, is how different it is from every other fic I've read. Your characterization of Adagio is wonderful, and the ending was beautifully bittersweet. The settings also felt really nice how you described them.

(By the way, your explanation about siren metabolism miiiiiiight have become absorbed into my headcannon. xD)

Just one thing:

She had told her friends about the surprise meeting with Adagio, but she had chosen to admit some of the more shocking details.

Did you mean omit?

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I know those feels, :raritydespair:
Thank you both and I'm glad you enjoyed the tale, :twilightsmile:

You are most welcome, :scootangel:
... Does this mean I get out of detention? :rainbowderp:

Thank you very much! I just spotted Open Door over on the side bar and am adding it to my read list; I'm not sure how I missed it up until now! :twilightoops:

O snap, I very much did, :twilightoops:

Thank you Sir, and I'm glad you enjoyed it! :twilightsmile:

You are very welcome! And thank you for writing it!
(Also, I do believe you mean madam. ;D )

Let's say you just avoided me sending you there. This time. :pinkiehappy:

(Or did Cryosite get to you? Our VP has quite the trigger finger, but it's not hard to get out if you've been detention'ed.)

Wow, this hit me in the feels hard:fluttercry::pinkiesad2::raritycry:
Most fics like this always end up saving the sirens in the end, but to know that eventually they're going to die and can't stop it really makes you feel for them. This was beautiful if anything, I really enjoy stories which make you feel emotionally attached to their characters even though it could take like 10 minutes to finish the story. Thank you :heart:


Well, I look forward to sharing my own bit of headcanon in return via that fic as you get around to reading it. ;)

We share a slight similarity in perspective with their fate. But I'll just say that I had to force myself back into my more positive spin, in attempt to bring myself up out of the sorrow from this. I've come to love Adagio almost as much as Sunset (if not more at this point), so this was heart-wrenching.

W-wait, is detention a real thing? I was just messing around, :twilightoops:
Oh Celestia, my jokes are coming to life again! :raritydespair:

Dammit, 50/50 chance and I always get that wrong, :applejackconfused:

You're very welcome; I'm glad you enjoyed it! My feels did not come through this one unscathed either, :pinkiesad2:

Ooh, now I really want to read it! I know exactly what you mean about Adagio; it's the oddest thing but with all the time spent coming up with her character and the backstory of the things the Sirens did while they were stuck on Earth (a lot of which never made it into the story itself) I sort of... almost found myself falling in love with her a little bit.

... don't tell my wife I said that, :moustache:

5526720 Don't worry; I could have a 100% chance of getting it right, and I'll still mess it up. xD


> don't tell my wife.

You're in good company, sir.

Let the feels flow... here comes the feels train.
This was good, really good. Bittersweet, but good.

Well, that was a huge sucker-punch to my feels. Overall, a very enjoyable story that shows the Sirens are capable of being three-dimensional, even reforming in their final moments.
My headcannon's firmly lodged in believing that Adagio and Sonata are sisters, with Aria being the odd one out, but having something new to learn about the three of them always put me in a good mood. :pinkiesad2:

Damn it, you made me cry

You monster. Have all my likes.

Take my like and favourite, and I also hate you.



Roan of Arc


Fillyam Shankspur


Sunset froze. She couldn’t breath. Her heart went cold and the entire world ground to a shuddering halt as the tidal wave of understanding crashed down on her.



What this fic does, it does very well. Everyone has touched on that, so I'll let their comments speak for me. What it doesn't do, unfortunately, is make sense.

It boils down to this. Adagio says that she is beyond curing. And everyone just believes her. The concept of actually trying to do something to help never even comes up. This despite the fact that Sunset has a direct line to the most powerful of powers in a magical world of magic. She tells the Rainbooms about this, and not one of them — not Fluttershy, not Applejack, not even Pinkie Pie— forces her to contact Twilight. This in itself is grossly, unthinkably out of character.

I mean, I get it. I know you didn't do that because you didn't want to write a medical drama, or a The Princesses Save The Day story, and that's hard to do when they're so very available. But just ignoring that possibility entirely feels like a terrible copout and a gaping plot hole. It makes it feel like your characters died agonizing, pointless deaths for the sake of your story's feels, instead of dying tragically because there was no way to save them.

Let me emphasize again how well written the story is, because I don't want to lose that in this one criticism. I think it's because of how well written it is that I can't let this slide.

Me: "well, this looks like it'll be good. And since it's pretty early in the story, I'm sure nothing bad will happen. Not a single bad thi-"

Sonata gasped at the mention of Adagio’s name, her one hand covering her mouth as fresh tears spilled forth. Before Sunset could react Sonata had thrown her arms around her and was sobbing into her chest, her tiny frame shaking so hard Sunset nearly lost her balance. She glanced down at the crying girl in confusion, but looked back up as Aria Blaze came into view just inside the house, her piercing, normally angry glare softened with sorrow and her jaw trembling.
Sunset froze. She couldn’t breath. Her heart went cold and the entire world ground to a shuddering halt as the tidal wave of understanding crashed down on her.


Seriously, though, this was great. You have my likes (AND TEARS:raritydespair:)

At least it was just the one punch; writing this was like getting sucker-Dempsey Roll'd:

Out of curiosity, what makes you peg Aria for the 'odd Siren out'?

I regret everything, :raritydespair:

I don't blame you, :fluttershysad:

Puns are the one thing I will not apologize for in this story! :trollestia:

Das gud pont. The TL;DR answer is that the original version of the story tackled this particular problem with an additional 3-5k words that, when all was said and done, had Adagio prove to Sunset that she had tried everything and come to the conclusion that their bodies were well past the point of no return. This bloated the narrative to a point I wasn't comfortable with however, so in the end it was cut to preserve the flow.

I still regret everything, :raritycry:

What is it with everyone and skullguns in this fandom? Seriously. They're a stupid idea, the recoil will break ya neck.

5530991 What's a skullgun?

Cannon is technically defined as any projectile weapon with a muzzle bore of over 20mm... So for, say, the GAU-8 Avenger we could say it's a 30mm autocannon, or a large-bored multiple-barreled anti-tank gun.
Skull is the dominant bone of the head.
Skullgun = headcannon.

5531141 Oh, thanks for the clarification. That one went, 'over my head.' :trollestia: There's my joke for the day.

...Sniff...I think theres something in my eye...sniff :pinkiesad2:

Nope. Just a bug...:scootangel:

VERY good story, I greatly enjoyed it!!!

I like how this story and Tell Us That You Want Us complement each other, exploring two alternatives of the same premise - only in that story, the Dazzlings asked for help in time, and in this one, they didn't. :pinkiesad2:

This made me sad, but at the same time... not quite happy but... content? not soo sad?
You just messed up someone's feelings. Use that power responsibly.

It occurred to me yesterday that I'm curious if your exclusion of the [Tragedy] tag here was a very purposeful decision, and if so, what thought went into that. Seems like it'd fit for this story.

Aw, I think they're fun... although I tend not to hold many over between stories, to be honest, my other post-RR fic certainly doesn't have anything in common with this one, :derpytongue2:

Glad you enjoyed it! :twilightsmile:
At least the bug didn't get in your mouth, :twilightoops:

I'm glad people are pointing out other stories like this because apparently I've been missing them up to now somehow, :applejackconfused:

Understood, :fluttershysad:

I'm glad someone brought this up; TL;DR answer is that it was left off on purpose but I was on the fence about it, and I'm more than willing to add it if people think the story needs it.

The simplest reason I can give is that by the time I finished writing (and cutting out tons of wordfat) the end of the story left me with a hopeful, uplifting feeling instead of any real sadness. It didn't feel so much like a tragedy as it did like a lesson in forgiveness (which is also why I added the Slice of Life tag even though I hadn't originally planned on it).

A more abstract reason is because of my absolute favorite line in the whole tale, which is also the one that made me cry the hardest:

She loved and was loved by her sisters, and I’m told she passed away peacefully in their arms with a smile on her face.

In the end, after over a thousand years of wanting nothing but more and more adoration, Adagio realized that she already had all the love she would ever need right beside her, and I was ecstatic that I was able to give a character that I've come to admire such an ending, :pinkiesad2:

That said, I am still more than willing to add the Tragedy tag if people think it's warranted.

It's a joke based on the misspelling of headcannon instead of headcanon.

I wasn't sure if it was just a joke or if the sentiment about the fandom having too many of them was for realzies, :twilightsheepish:

5533585 I had a feeling it was due to something like you noted. So with that in mind, I agree that it could go either way.

The engaging conversation, which I could easily visualize these characters having, was what really pulled me in and set me up to feel the bittersweet ending. This story single-handedly made me like Adagio more than before, and not because of feeling sorry for her.

And I say all that with the personal headcanon that it makes no sense for Sonata to be so... 'Nata, and yet live for 1000 years, so I go with the whole "they weren't in Humanestria for 1000 years because of [whatever magic reason]" theory. Despite having that bias I still really enjoyed this.

I've always felt that same way regarding Sirens and changelings being predators, and while that doesn't excuse them since they could find ways to survive that don't involve long-term mind control and world domination, it still lends them a sense of 'this is what they were evolved to do, and we're the prey animal.' If anything that creates some diversity in the MLP villain stable; King Sombra and Sunset Shimmer were fully aware of the fact they were going to any lengths to take over the world(s), Discord was mostly interested in having everything his way like a spoiled child, while Chrysalis wanted to feed her family from the comfort of absolute dominion of the world... sort of like the Sirens.

Aw, c'mon, you and I both know that the older we get the urge to act like complete doofballs only gets stronger; think of what we'll be like in a thousand years, :raritywink:

Seriously though, I can understand that POV, but I had way too much fun coming up with backstory to fill in what the sirens might've done in their long lives to let it go to waste... I'm actually thinking of doing a series of blogs and calling it 'Siren Shorts' or something similar and posting just little snippets of scenes that I thought up while writing this story.

the sadness went away, and all it left behind was a feeling of...fulfilment.
it makes you sad, but the way she went is a pretty good way to go. more than what many get.
so, i don't think this needs a Tragedy tag.
tragedy would be if after her death her sisters torn apart and died alone like she didin't want them to.

That is a solid story. Good work.

I dig it. 8/8

5534150 5534612
Thank you both very much; I'm glad you enjoyed it, :twilightsmile:

Also Sammy, I'm currently working my way through BttGL; that Josie and Pussycats reference made me laugh so suddenly my dog thought something was wrong, :rainbowlaugh:

5529605 I'm sorry if I confused you. What I meant was that I think Aria isn't related to either Adagio or Sonata, and merely joined them to help gather energy, while the other two are sisters. Kind of like if Plusle and Minun from Pokémon had Pikachu tag along for an adventure.

Oh, it's ok, I got what you were trying to say, I was just curious as to why you thought Adagio and Sonata are 'real' sisters and Aria isn't. Was there something in the movie that gave you that impression?

5536710 It's a bit far-fetched, but I like to think that Sirens are identified as siblings by their eye and wing color, (Sonata and Adagio both have hot-pink irises and pink wings in the final battle, with Aria has purple irises and green wings) plus the way Adagio grabs Aria when trying to take the lead before "Battle of the Bands" makes me think that even after all the time they'd spent in the human world, neither she nor Sonata still don't fully accept Aria into the group (Also, notice how Sonata laughs at Aria at the end of the video here, sort of mocking her for trying to lead.)



I have actually had that happen before... it was gross!!!:derpytongue2:

The feels...:applecry::fluttercry::raritycry: So...so beautiful!

And yes, do the "siren shorts," please!

I feel like some of your grammar was a bit sloppy, but I definitely enjoyed the story. Good stuff.

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