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As ye well know, nearly every sailor author comes up with more ideas than his head can hold or his quill can ink... but sometimes them little scraps o' storytellin' do make it down onto the page... a scene here, an introduction there; little snippets o' grander tales, cursed to forever sail a sea obscured by an unpublished fog...

These here be such stories; the scribbled scrimshaw of yers truly: MrAskAPirate!

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What? What's wrong?

:facehoof: Really? That's how you want to introduce this glorified scratchpad?

Okay, okay; I'll drop the accent.

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::sigh:: ... Fine.

Anyway, this is going to be a collection of the little bits and pieces that I've written and want to share with everypony, but don't quite qualify as anything that could be published on their own. In some cases it'll be a story I wrote the intro or a few scattered scenes for, but never completed. Sometimes they'll be little side-stories to my other works, or even the occasional 'deleted scene.'

As per normal for these types of collections, expect the characters, tags, and tone to vary widely. If you follow my writing you probably already know that I like to try out different things, so expect more of the same!

... I mean, more of things that are very different! From one another. Which is the same as my usual body of work. Of different things.

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In the aftermath of Canterlot High's visit, Gloriosa Daisy wonders if she is truly the best person to continue running Camp Everfree.

Her brother Timber Spruce has something to say about that.

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The Friendship Games are over, magic in the human world is once again under control (sort of), and Sunset Shimmer is looking forward to a nice, relaxing celebration with all her friends, both old and new.

Too bad she ends up stuck on repeat; living the same night over and over with no idea why and even less idea how to make it stop.

Forced to watch her closest friends live out the same mistakes again and again, Sunset must find a way to break the cycle before she herself breaks down... but is the solution as simple as it first appears, or is the wild Equestrian magic stirring in her soul a sign of something more?

Coverart compiled by my actual waifu (hands off, Sentry!) MelloReflections.

Chapters (7)

Why the heck does Vinyl Scratch have a car that can transform into a giant sound system thingy?

Written by request for Bookish Delight because chicks dig giant robots EQG Vinyl needed some more fandom love; continued by request because apparently everyone digs giant robots, :twilightoops:

Chapters (6)

This story is a sequel to The Friend I Couldn't Be

Having vanquished the demons of her past, Sunset Shimmer now finds herself haunted by the ghosts of her present.

(Reading the The Friend I Couldn't Be first is highly recommended.)

Pre-read by and cover art courtesy of the incredible (but not-so edible) MelloReflections.

Chapters (1)

A cryptic note brings Sunset Shimmer face to face with Adagio Dazzle, but she finds herself woefully unprepared for what her former foe has to say...

Pre-read by and cover art courtesy of the 'Dazzling' MelloReflections.

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Sonata Dusk is kinda confused. Sure, she and the other Sirens were defeated at their own game and left powerless, homeless, and hungry, but Adagio and Aria are taking this whole thing, like, WAY too seriously.

Only one thing is absolutely, positively guaranteed to cheer them up.

It's time for a taco run!

Now with 20% more Feels! :pinkiesad2:

Also now with a TVTropes page (apparently)! :rainbowderp:

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This story is a sequel to The Stolen Gem

They say that if you ever get lost in the Everfree forest, you may hear her singing. When you do... run.

After the Heartstone incident, Twilight Sparkle finds herself in need of a new direction; a new purpose... not to mention a new place to stay. A bolt of inspiration sets her and her new-found friends on a path that leads deep into the heart of the one place everyone knows you should never go...

Part II of Legend of the Six; a humanized fantasy-adventure that draws heavily on the mythos and lore of FiM to create a new and exciting tale of action, intrigue, and of course, friendship!

Cover art modified by the Great and Powerful MelloReflections; original was created by the amazingly talented bill-yi!

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Sometimes, just being there for somepony can be enough.

Pre-read by and cover art courtesy of the beautiful and talented MelloReflections

Reviewed by the folks over at Seattle's Angels.

Aaaaaand now with a sweet reading by Flame Lionheart!

Approved by the great folks over at Twilight's Library!

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When a rare magical artifact is stolen from Celestia's Academy for Gifted Spellcasters, her prized student Twilight Sparkle is determined to take up the task of getting it back... even though Celestia doesn't seem to want her to.

Part I of the Legend of the Six series. This story features humanized characters in a fantasy universe that draws heavily on the mythos of FiM to create a whole new adventure. I hope everyone has as much fun reading it as I did writing it, ^^

Cover art used with permission of the amazing QuizzicalKisses

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