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As it says in the title, this is a safe zone for humanized authors. No Human in Equestria fics here, this is for Humanized fics only.

Here's what I would love group members to do. Once a month (At least), read one story we have in the folders and make a blog post publicizing that story. Rate that story out of five stars, write a short review, and link to the story. Also review the story under the same criteria, and tell them the review was brought to them by Humanized Authors Alliance.

Here's the kicker. If you do this and prove it to me, you can then publicize one of your own stories on a forum thread I will make specifically for this purpose.

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317430 The plot holes gave me one of the worst CDO attacks of my life.

317429 I thought it was okay. My only problems with it are that it just feels "fan-ficy" (a term that I think gets overused a bit more than it should) and FLASH FUCKING SENTRY:flutterrage: Goddman do I HATE Flash Sentry; he's just so damn worthless a character and just feels shoehorned in at the last minute as an excuse for one more male character but he just sucks. He's basically just a generic template that exists for the sole purpose of a living Macguffin

317251 Equestria girls, while not great in my opinion, is technically humanized.

I'm not really that into humanized fics (I'm not sure if Equestria Girls stuff counts or not) but DragonOverlord told me to join up.

317244 COURT MARTIALED! :rainbowlaugh:

Meh. check out the forum.

317231 Since I sorta helped inspire you to make this group shouldn't I be a bit higher up than "private"? :trixieshiftright:

316741 Good to have you on board, private!

I said I would join this, and I did.

Ill take your word. But this needs..... More moon moon.

313305 Acceptable.
Would you like a proofreader?

Doesnt understand.... Send them to my fic!(read my only fic ojt now. 5 chapters. Then just tell me if its approved of humanized)

Thats a humanized equestria. Im saying.... Real world with ponies in them. But humanized.

313116 Like in Equestria Girls?

Are there phumanized ponies aloud in thhe non equestria worlds?

Then we write good stuff until people do.

No one loves us, humanized authors...

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