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I'm a mad man. I'm a man of honor. I'm a sociopath. I'm a brony. For all my conflictions, I'm pretty stable, though you'll probably call me insane. That's fine, I enjoy it. I'm just hear to write.

Stories status

A list of my finished products:

The Triumphant Return
Trixie fic, taking place ten years later where Trixie has had room to grow and become a genuine hero, and decides to tell Twilight how she's changed.
Teen rating: contains a fight scene.
Tagged characters: Twilight and Trixie only. Slice of Life

A list of my current projects:

The Farmer and the Monster
A story taking place in the human world where a lost AJ (after getting hurtled through dimensions) teams up with a once human being called a cambion to help end a secret supernatural war. Spoilers: the human world and MLP world are considered "coinflips" of one another in this story, unknown to one another.
First person perspective from OC. Adult rating: contains foul language, use of alcohol, violence, death, romance, sex (eventually).
Tagged characters: Applejack and two human OCs. Romance/Dark/Adventure. Extra tags: Alt. Universe/Human
If you read the story and would like to submit an idea for an cambion, I'm open to suggestions. Go nuts!

Deception is Magic
Not everything is as it seems. Twilight and her friends knew each other from the beginning. As the wedding approaches they're in on the plan; they're all changlings. Early on it drags on making a few edits to canon scenes, adjusting apropriately for the race change. Mane 6 and Chrysalis take over Equestria. Luna's rebelion ensues.
Teen rating: war.
Tagged characters: Mane 6, Spike, Luna Chrysalis, Changlings. Dark/Adventure/Alt. Universe
If you would like to have an OC used I could work in a few guards or a couple changeling.

Pending projects:

The Sands of Time
A thought I came up with a while ago. This time around I won't say much, but it will be my next project after Deception is Magic, that is if I wait long enough to finish that first. Anyways, this time I'm focusing on the largely controversial canon princess Twilight. The base plan is a bit done to death, I'll admit, having Twilight face the fact that she's immortal, but like Deception, I'm adding my own twist. I'll not say too much, though I will say the villain is of my own creation.
Tagged characters: Princess Twilight, others currently pending, unrevealed OC. Adventure/Other tags pending

Ethereal Chaos
A rewrite of JudgmentisForbidden's story by the same title being written with his permission. Still working out the kinks, but it focuses on an new race of pony called "trossels" (read original for more details) and is heavily focused on OCs with main six primarily supporting cast. Trying to even out the OCs and mane 6 use myself. Actual contents are currently pending, but will involve some scarce sexual themes, possibly occasional cursing, and a confirmed doomsday threat.
Teen rating: possible occasional swearing, sexual themes, end of the world/evil spirits.
Tagged characters: Several OCs, Mane 6, Trixie, others pending. Romance/Dark/Adventure/Alt. Universe

Born of Power
My original attempt at a fic, in desperate need of a rewrite. Only got three chapters in last time and got stuck. Will contain Rainbow Dash as adoptive mother to an OC. Not saying much here. Rebuilding from the ground up, even though it wasn't even a complete house when I tore it down.
Teen rating: occasional violence.
Tagged characters: Rainbow Dash, young OC pending rename, Celestia, Luna, Gilda (later on).Adventure/other tags pending

The Father
The one I'm rewriting due to the heavy criticism of Sirius_Face. I will not link the review (even though it's called for). Reason? I'll admit I needed a kick in the pants, but it still hurt like a mother fucker. OC is Discord's father seeking to redeem the family. Not just Discord's history, he has his own checkered past. 5 ponies distrust him, but his polite mannerisms earn him Rarity's trust, eventually leading to some discord among the friends.
Possibly my only everyone story (we'll see).
Tagged characters: Rarity, Mane 6, OC "Chaos", others pending.Romance/Adventure

Read My Insanity (and possibly alcohol) Induced Nonsense


1000+ Favorites · 5:09am Sep 21st, 2014

Well, it finally happened. Deception is Magic now has over 1000 favorites! Who knew that a story idea I wrote three chapters of on a whim and submitted before going to do a bit of construction work one night would get this popular? I still remember when I woke up to the phone ringing the next day and heard my friend tell me it hit the top of the featured list. I was in shock!

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It has been too long since you updated Deception is Magic, what are your plans for it, because people are getting anxious.

Could you continue Deception is Magic? If you just want to make money then throw something at us and the patreon will pay back.

Man it's been over a year since you last updated deception is magic
I really love that story will you continue this in 2016

Hello you have been cordially invited to join the Soaking Wet Memorial School of Magic http://www.fimfiction.net/group/208424/soaking-wet-memorial-school-of-magic

DO2012, my friend! *Hugz* How ever have you been?:twilightsmile:

Ah yes Felyon did tell me as much, and he also told me about White Tail Wood. Sadly I'm not really sure if I want to join that site or not since I already have an RP site I'm active on namely Red Light Ponyville which unlike White Tail Woods is specifically geared torwords the clopping crowd. Still since you guys are on there I might wind up joining at some point.

Long time man. Not sure if you heard yet, but role playing was raping the servers so badly it was causing 502 errors all the time. Role playing unfortunately had to be banned. All us in Lilith911's "Special" House relocated to Whitetail Woods. PM me if you want more info on that.

Hey DO2012 how've you been just thought I'd drop you a line since I came back on the site temporarily.

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Comment posted by Life_Worth_Living deleted Feb 2nd, 2014
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