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Nah, stranger. I'm just a man. A man with a deep love of friendship, stories... and ponies. Movies too, but this site's for ponies.

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Titles only folks. Maybe one of them will tickle your fancy. Bold means I am writing it/have a clearer idea about it than the rest.

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The Great and Powerful Trixie Doesn't Trust Wheels
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Fusion Clash! Celuna Versus Discord
Running For Infinity
Lyra's Contraption
Magical Steampunk is Magic
Outlasting the World
The 35th Annual Equestrian Battle of the Bands*
For My Princess
My Cheesy Boyfriend
Whitetail Encounter
Once Upon a Time in Canterlot
Just Another Day With My Friends
The Other Girl
Always, Always Ask
It's Funny How Things Just Happen
Maybe It's the Title
I Wonder if You Need Me Too
Rarity and her Prince

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The Story of Tonight · 11:09pm Nov 9th, 2016

I didn't expect this result to come to pass. I didn't want it to. I would be writing this same blog if my country was seeing blue instead of red.

If you're feeling victorious, feel free to celebrate. If you feel defeated and angry, it's okay. You can feel angry for a while, it just means you're human. A close friend is telling everyone that all we can do is love, I shall love but I will also hope.

So what am I hoping for?

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Hanging in there, Mr. Reel? 😎

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you are welcomed

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