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Valentine's Day · 4:56am February 15th

So I hope that you guys had a good Valentine's Day. I didn't come up with any specials, but I did do some drawings relating to the holiday, involving in a couple of characters. Hope you like em!

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Hi Johng117,

I made a blog that was inspired by your stories:

My process as of late is that I write whenever I have time. Sometimes during my lunch hours, I'm either drawing or writing a chapter. After work, I definitely write. Though sometimes, I'm too exhausted from a day and just put it off for another. On weekends, definitely.

How I do it, I'll work out some ideas with one of my proof readers, since he's been a valuable resource for some ideas for the story whenever I hit a jam on how and where a chapter should go. We even bounced some ideas off of each other for outlines for the previous story arc and the current one right now. Thanks to this, I have a guideline on what to write. So, I'll end up spending a couple of weeks writing one or more chapters. An advantage to this is that I can send them to other proof reader to check for grammar, spelling mistakes, and occasionally critiques of what happens in a chapter and how it should proceed. I can even go back and forth to make necessary edits. You won't believe how many bad ideas get filtered out because of this process.

The reason how I am able to sometimes get two chapters posted a week, despite being long, is due to the fact that I've been stock piling on chapters. I rarely stop writing.

I have like at least ten chapters just sitting unpublished that I've worked on. Some of them have edits, the rest don't. Since it takes a while to have these chapters refined by my other proof reader, I take the opportunity to just go on ahead and write more chapters. This has resulted in the stock piling of them, and I tend to save them for awhile until I'm at a distance from the previous chapter to be sure that I'm satisfied with where the story is going.

I haven't read your stuff, but I bet you might get more traffic than I do. People seem to appreciate smaller chapters more than long ones. Hell, I even have to cap the word count on chapters since it can overwhelm one of my proof readers and I'm sure other readers. Hence why I divided Shy and Aggressive into two Books. Though now I'm starting to wonder if that was even really necessary since no one really seemed to voice complaints or approval. It can be hard to gauge what you guys like or dislike since no one really seems to give their thoughts.

I'm not good compared to the likes of others like Tarbtano and such. But, if you want to put out more chapters than you normally do, maybe even longer ones, don't be afraid to take your time on them before publishing. You can stockpile them and save them for a rainy day if you don't feel like writing anything for a while. You can fit more story progression into a single chapter if you extend your word cap. Sometimes I won't even post a chapter for a month, despite having several chapters that I can easily publish within a week. This is partly due to laziness on my part, but I think it's a system that works for me at the pace I'm working. I used to do some art for chapters like The Bridge, but stopped because it was becoming too overwhelming to commit to on my own. So, I just do art to share a reference or just to do fun little shipping drawings to amuse myself.

I hope this helps you out. :twilightsmile:

Hey Johng,I have a question that's been on my mind lately for an odd reason. But how were you able to make two chapters in a week? I was expecting a new chapter to be released at least next week,but no. The reason I am asking you this question is because,I am also an author of other stories and sure I could post a few chapters a week but your chapter are long. I mean, really long. Do you usually write on days of no work or do you already have a chapter planned. Also asking cause I need some advice since I don't see my stories to be THAT good.

Well, I don’t know how to execute it, but I will tell you what the Transmutant’s character arc is like:

They want to find a sense of identity and purpose, but feel worthless and inferior because they’re an experiment/weapon created for humanity to use rather than being born naturally (or, as the scientist puts it, created by Him/God).

Since the only thing they have some sort of confidence in is their powers, they latch on to that concept of strength as a meaningful measure of their right to exist: if they’re stronger than the Transmutants, then they have to be worthy of life. Although, their worldview is deeply misguided, it makes sense given who they are and what have happened to them.

*I might change their arc over time, since I have a tendency to change things that fits my likings.

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