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Plan for Shy and Aggressive Going Forward · 11:37pm February 8th

With the second story arc being wrapped up, I'd like to give some info on what my current plans are for Shy and Aggressive.

Currently, I'm up to chapter 83 on the rough drafts that I have available. I could release the first chapter to the third and final story arc now, but I want to hold out for a while. Here's why.

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Thanks for reading!

I still have a whole story arc to go before wrapping this particular story up. I've gotten rough drafts written out, which puts me at 83 chapters total so far if I were to post them (Though they aren't ready yet). I'm still no where near wrapping up that arc as I still have some material left to work with before wrapping up the story. I can't tell you a rough estimate of the chapters that would be left since I have no idea as of right now.

But before that, I'm going to post a few anthologies to help expand a bit of lore and flesh out some of the characters like the rest of the Main 6 and their relationship with Junior. I have most of those anthologies done, but I want to draw out one scene for each of those Main 6 focused anthologies just for the fun of it. Especially since I got around to drawing bases for them.

All in all, I wouldn't worry too much about this ending as I still have a ways to go before wrapping it up. And I do have plans to continue this universe, but it might not be the way that you're thinking. That's all I can say :raritywink:

I have a question,I recently found shy and aggressive last week and I'm already finished. And so I heard that in the next few chapters that you will be wrapping up the story. So I just wanted to know if it's possible you could have a change of heart or make a sequel to the story. I hope it doesn't sound like I'm forcing you to continue,like I said I recently found this story and I am already attached to it. I've never spend to much time on fimfiction until I found shy and aggressive,the story is so packed with action,cool cameos, surprises,and beautiful relationships between the characters. You have no idea how long I've been searching for stories like this.(and you've been here since 2014 so I'm still confused on how I missed this)so I just wanted to ask if it's possible you'll still continue after the wrap up or a sequel.

Comment posted by a3boy deleted Mar 29th, 2018

Shy and Aggressive, for sure. TAOM, I will need to find the time to actually write for the next chapter. I only have like the first half done, but I've had a lot of ideas of Shy and Aggressive floating around that I had to put a lot of focus on that. Plus I work full time and now our work load is requiring me to take work home and plus I have family wanting me to teach them how to do what I do, and that takes up time. Plus I sometimes try to get some drawing in. But I'll be sure to put whatever free time I have to updating stories.
For Shy and Aggressive, I have at least a dozen chapters already finished but in need of being checked for grammar and spelling errors.

Do you plan on updating 'Shy and Aggressive' or 'Arrogance of Man' any time soon? Out of the stories on my favorites, almost none of them have been updated in a long while (I don't just mean your stories, but a lot of the one's I've been reading). In fact, the latest story update that came out for all of my favorites was your's, a week ago.

I'm honestly trying not to sound rude, because it might seem as if I'm telling you to update, or I might come off as impatient, OR I might even sound like I am ungrateful and inconsiderate, knowing you do have a life of your own outside of this. It's not any of that, it's simply because, well... I don't have many stories I am interested in reading, and lately the ones that I am interested in have gone silent for a while.

(TL;DR How is the progress on any possible updates (if any)? Don't want to sound ungrateful/inconsiderate.)

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