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Pen Chisai

I hope you all have a wonderful Nightmare Night/Halloween :) Try not to wake Oogie Boogie~ ;)

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Halloween Preview! Enjoy~! XD · 6:12pm October 30th

Outside Umbra’s Mansion

Watcher and Techorse waited patiently outside the mansion’s doors for both Aura and Celestia to come out. It was frustrating for the charcoal unicorn as he continued to pace back and forth by the entrance. He wasn’t happy, especially since he had to wear a very bright yellow bee costume due to him losing a bet with Tech and Celestia.

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Hey Pen, it’s me. Sorry for not commenting in well, who knows how long? How are you?

It's a series I love.... But I don't want to spoil anything.

You know strictly going by your avatar, I'm a little surprised you haven't written any My Hero Academia crossovers.

you could ask some one to continue it for you me i am a reader

On hiatus my friend. Not sure when I'll continue it

  • Viewing 719 - 723 of 723
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