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Name Change, YouTube Channel, and Twitch Channel · 12:36pm Dec 29th, 2016

Hey there fellas, Official Taco here, and I just wanted to announce that I am retiring my old account name Nova Burst and now go by my YouTube channel's name, Official Taco. Also, I got a YouTube Channel! While not MLP oriented, I just make random videos for all of you to enjoy! Another Thing is, I also opened a Twitch Channel by the same name, where I play random games twice a week!

Youtube Channel : Official Taco Channel

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Merry Christmas! :twilightsmile:

And a happy new year! :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for the watch.

you just earned yourself an invitation to become a Disciple to the Chicken God

2365524 Why thank you my friend, Have a good Christmas! :pinkiehappy:

Merry Christmas!

And a happy new year!

2201050 cause you're a cool person :yay:

  • Viewing 118 - 122 of 122
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