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This group is for stories where the main character is considered Evil/Bad/Scary by the ponies due to a misunderstanding or due to how s/he acts/looks. Some of the stories may have the Main Character either become good in the eye's of the ponies, make a shaky friendship with them, or something similar.

Bad Dragon

P.S. If anyone knows a better Banner then send me a PM, because I can't find a good one.
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P.S.S. [11.26.2015] If you wish to be an Admin send me a PM (with a reason why) because I'll be the first to say that I mostly made this group so I'd be able to find new stories that have to do with the group quickly and didn't expect so many others to join and as such have no idea what I'm doing.

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Could someone please move my story The Beast Of Blood And Rage from Evil/Bad Princesses to Main? It doesn't fit with what my story is. Thank you.

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