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Any story, of any type, that revolves around Assassins Creed belongs here! Ponies of the series may also enjoy this group to mingle with other assassins.

Animus - All stories that revolve around the use of the Animus to progress story line, and walk the path of their ancestors. May contain both HiE, and Pony. Note that this may also contain spells of any sort that relates to the use a system like the animus.

Original Assassins - As the title suggests. This is not for OC characters, just the same trademark Assassins we all know by name; Ezio, and Altair, Ext.

Stand Alone Stories - Any stories that have nothing to do with the original characters, or the use of the animus. These stories are alone, and spread away from anything revolving around that.

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Posting my story to the "Standalone" file, though there is a more complete version on under the same title. Hope you guys check it out! It's the most popular story in the crossover thread on it's original website so I hope you all like it 👍

Hi I'm new here and love love love love assassins creed you all seem nice ppl so I hope we become friend's :raritywink: I'm also a boy if you must know

need cormac shay

Hey guys, my thread posts are gone. Are all of yours gone to?

Somebody should make a story where Dezmond goes into the animus, and sees himself living the memories of a pony...

339602 well if it has an original assassin then its original so who is it altair, ezio, connor, Edward?

I'm a little confused here ^^; If my story revolves about one of the Mane 6 but one of the original Assassins are also there... Does it still go under the folder "Original Assassins"

337025 because of your profile pic i just thought of a fusion of connor sparrow:ajbemused:

336905 sure in fighting kenway would win be just being awesome I think Sparrow would win

Ok Edward Kenway or Jack Sparrow who's more awesome?

336743 Thank you and it's a sir if you must know.

336586 good story you sir or mam have got yourself a favorite

336550 oh well i have something new to read:twilightsmile:

336533 Assassin's creed 3 pathway to peace.

Hey guys I got my wireless back early and now I can make that chapter I had promised you guys. :pinkiehappy:

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