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A group dedicated to two things. Assassin's, and Ponies...mainly crossover stories between Ponies and Assassin's Creed. Join the Bronyhood, and begin our fight against the Templars!

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I hope there is room for all Pony Assassins here.
Guess I am off to plan the next assassination for the pink mare.

354588 again, don't know your life, just saying.

354547 I never promised. I just forget I have a group to manage, but this isn't my top priority. Music is, I produce too, and that's what I want as my career

342843 hey bro, last time you updated with a comment was New Years several months ago and you said you would try to do this more often. I don't know anything about what you go through, but that kind of broken promise is both comical and sad.

Was commenting with a pal o' mine:

Hey, CT, I just thought of a way the assassins' arsenal could be improved. The hidden blades would be a lot more effective if they were needles instead. A little thinner than a pencil and only to be used in assassination missions. They would be quieter, more effective, and better for piercing vital organs. Only disadvantage would be easier to break. Just was discussing this with one of my friends (NothingStupid is his account) on this topic. He's better acquainted with the creed than myself. Much better acquainted.

Just saying. I mean, wouldn't that be a lot more efficient?

I haven't really been on here much, but I'll try and update a bit more.

Happy New Year brothers, and sisters! :rainbowlaugh:

16 members? I haven't checked here in a while, thanks you guys

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