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This group is dedicated to those individuals who wish to become an assassin, and those who wish to write about assassins.

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Assassin group *gasp* were have you been all my life i love assassin's creed

I just realized that all four Assassins in the group's banner have wings.

This is ALMOST what i'm looking for. needs more stories.

one last spoiler for rogue

at the end of the modern day segement of the game your become a offical templar including being offered the ring.....or gun,

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You know, I think I'll get in on this.

I think the cpatian is either achilles or aedwale

375529 well I think will find out in rogue where we will also see aedwale

375514 true, but even Achilles started as a grunt.

375482 no hes not first in the words of achilles!

start at 4:03

Since you are part of the group you already are:twilightsmile:

373490 I wish to become an Assassin.

Sounds awesome, and no that is not a blimp. It is the horizon with some hills.

373393 two things

is that a blimp in the lower left hand corner?

two it seems that I beleive the next creed game (after rogue) unity is going to involve the templars and assassin workign togather becuase it seem s the plot is the arvo(the mian character) was rasied by the grand templer master after his parents died but since the grand master respected his enemies he chose to raise the boy without himhaving knowlegde of the templars. while this happened the mans daughter elise fell in love with him. but her father was killed by power hungry fellow templars. So he is avenging him and his parents while she is avengeing her father and I think the templar are going to have a civil war casuing some templars to allie themselves with the assassin to return to the orginal goals of the templars

372220 thanks, I wanted it in the reguler "assassins story" folder

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