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This group is dedicated to those individuals who wish to become an assassin, and those who wish to write about assassins.

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Assassin group *gasp* were have you been all my life i love assassin's creed

I just realized that all four Assassins in the group's banner have wings.

This is ALMOST what i'm looking for. needs more stories.

Comment posted by mypets123 deleted Nov 9th, 2014

You know, I think I'll get in on this.

375514 true, but even Achilles started as a grunt.

Since you are part of the group you already are:twilightsmile:

373490 I wish to become an Assassin.

Sounds awesome, and no that is not a blimp. It is the horizon with some hills.

372220 thanks, I wanted it in the reguler "assassins story" folder

OOPS I messed up and put my story in the wrong folder, can someone help me out with that XD

370686 It is true that cases like those do happen.

370683 You know Templars make their people look like assassins because templars can never hope to match their skills.

Most do, but there are others who wear different styles. Like mine:pinkiehappy:

Nope, he is an assassin in modern time.

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