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Grave Walker

"War may sometimes be a necessary evil. But no matter how necessary, it is an evil, never a good." - Jimmy Carter


So I recently decided to glance at a few statistics on FIMFICTION... · 12:38am Nov 24th, 2018

And wow, I actually have 256 followers. That's a lot of people... Until I started cutting out dead accounts.

  • 5 banned accounts follow me. (Huh, I was actually expecting more.)
  • 26 Accounts the follow me have't been online for over a year.
  • 9 Accounts that are nearly over a year. By approximately 2 months. Shocking right?

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No dislikes so far

So far great story and it's like Griffin the Griffin in a different way still a great story hope more chapters

This is not a "Before", but rather an "after" type I would say.

Good story, Unique in its own way. You don't see a lot of stories have Long forgot empires way before Celestia and Luna.

*Looks up* seriously?

Okay, being real with ya, I'm like barely holding on staying awake. .... I'm gonna go to bed now and chant with ya crazy bug ass tomorrow....

*drops a truckload of sleeping drunken bodybuilders on steroids on you*

Comment posted by Grave Walker deleted Mar 21st, 2018

The doctors say I have compulsive killing spree syndrome. *snaps a random guys neck*

*Giggles maddeningly*

What? Its not my fault I subconsciously kill people as I chat with friends... We are gonna need another fifty graves btw

What about dig... Time travel doesn't really help dig holes since going back in time gets rid of them.

Thanks for stalking me, I heard you walk graves care to walk precisely 50847 more?

No Problem. Give me more OP stuff....

  • Viewing 219 - 238 of 238
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