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Grave Walker

"I am the epitome of an overdose. Living with retradily amounts of happiness and barely mentally functioning."


2023, Update Status. Why? · 8:58am Aug 1st, 2023

I have no reason to continue on this site, yet I'm here. And I still don't know why I continue to ominously lurk on this pony site with ya'll. As too what I've been doing? Just working on some personal projects as I lose faith in humanity.

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Hey I'm just checking in on ya..so how ya doing

Hello, friend.

Been a long while. How have you been? :pinkiesmile:

damn you!!

A monopoly on socks... The universe has become a shade darker today.. :raritydespair:

Well too bad, all of the comfy socks in stock here are MINE!

Grave Walker: The Art of Fluff

I need some new socks... Sun Tzu said that! :trollestia:

Thank you, Man der Ehre!

Step 1 to Enlightenment: Comfy Socks and Shoes.

Step 2 to Enlightenment: A large Hoodie fitted for your daily environment.

Step 3 to Enlightenment: Copious (or regulated) amount of some form of caffeine of your favorite/available choice.

Step 34 to Enlightenment: If it Exist... Well I sure many will know what I mean. I don't think this is actually a step in this plan.

Step ∞ to Enlightenment: No matter what, If it can be done, it will be eventually done. Every possibility is possible.

Step Q to Enlightenment: Even if impossible, it will become possible because human stupidity demands it so.

Step 42 to Enlightenment: 42 is the answer to everything. Add a Zero to it and forget all of your problems.

Step R to Enlightenment: Follow every sub in Reddit involving Cute creatures, memes, and fandoms of your choice.

Step Y to Enlightenment: YouTube is free entertainment with nearly everything you want if you look deep enough.

There's a bunch of more steps... I think I stated with a twelve step program, but it has devolved into so many thing with so many choices, that I just go living on with life.

Recommendation, Adapt, Overcome, Love, and know there is always something new. Be it a Tomorrow on this earth, a new thing to learn, or another good memory, never ever not believe in tomorrow.

"I am the epitome of an overdose. Living with retradily amounts of happiness and barely mentally functioning."

You gotta tell me your secret, man.
I shall take your entire stock!!

Make much ghost of reach story

Love ya work, man. Keep it up.

Same here, that even if I had notable fame to begin with. And as the saying goes, common sense ain't common.

But chaos is inferior to Illogic.

And I'm relatively forgotten at this point.

2954878 Same could be said with some of your story content! :rainbowlaugh: Or nearly all of it! At least from a certain point of view. :trollestia:

Anyway, I kid, I kid. Though I kinda feeling proud my cursed profile managed to get the attention one of ya thousanders. Let alone one who managed to reach three digits in the amount of stories. No matter their quality, that's still an achievement in my book.

Anyhow, glad to have a visitor, don't get many anymore on here. Until we speak again, stay ya goofy self and keep surfing on the high tides of chaos while we're all drowning in it. Or at least your OC will be.

Sir, your profile pic is heresy.

Make good content and I follow. (Once I find it).

Glad to have you aboard on Positive Ponies, friend! You're the 200th member to join!

  • Viewing 276 - 295 of 295
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