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To represent everything it stands for.


Team Yankee is an armor-heavy company, or 'team', composed mainly of M1 Abrams tanks. Their parent unit, the 1st Battalion of the 4th Armored, is stationed in southern Germany to help defend against possible Soviet attacks. Under the command of Captain Sean Bannon, the team is quickly placed on the border during a period of high tensions with the Warsaw Pact during the late 1980's. Though there is nothing special about this particular team, they will quickly find themselves in a very unique situation.

Notes: Prior knowledge of the book is not required.
Rated Teen for harsh language and some gore.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic created by Lauren Faust and owned by Hasbro.
Team Yankee written by Harold Coyle.

Chapters (8)
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Hmm seems interesting ill like and read later.

This is pretty good. I will monitor this and see where it goes.


You are my hero right now.

3099002 3100128

That's what I plan to do.

I actually enjoy writing stories about the more obscure titles. Though one could probably tell that from the ones I've already wrote.

You need more people following you... fixed. Also you need more people reading this stuff.

I swear, it is like you are appealing to the gamer/historian in me:rainbowkiss:

3101630 Thank you my queen.

Actually, ever since I got sick of seeing so many COD Modern Warfare crossovers, I was thinking of paying homage to the originals.

Can't forget the old school.

If you use some military speak like you said in the last chapter could you tell us ignorant civilians what it means when you use it, please?

Alright. I'll write them down in the author's notes.

P.S. I'm a civilian. (Though not for too long, hopefully)

3102073 ok thank you and hope you do make it :pinkiehappy:

3102135 Thanks.
I'm curious if anyone's gotten what the 2nd chapter's name is about.

3102145 doesn't it mean F.I.M.(friendship is magic)? I remember a friend saying that in the military they put names insted of letters.

Queen huh? I like it... indeed I do.

Also CoD 2 was my bitch. I made that game my bitch. It was actually my first xbox 360 game :fluttercry:

Still love that game to death.

Hill 400 was my favorite mission.

Rainbowdash is a dumb ass. She attacks anything that moves.

Twilight is an asshole, she failed to mention that they attacked the Abrams first. Probably to save her friend Rainbow-tard from being chewed out.

Applejack is a silly pony, she thought bucking a tank would damage it.

3104181 great Job rainbow you got got every pony in Equestria killed. Plz I need moar:flutterrage:

Eagle #18 · Aug 25th, 2013 · · · 66 ·

To AJ's credit, they don't really know what a tank is. Still, it's not hard to figure out that steel is harder than wood.

Comment posted by RainbowDragon deleted Aug 26th, 2013

3104851 Yeah let pinkie deal with them! Because that will totally work!

Pinkiepie: "Time to deal with these meanie weanies!" *bounces around like a fucking retard*

Gunner: "These ponies are annoying." *goes to gun and pulls trigger* *50. rounds tear pinkie into shreds splattering her organs and blood everywhere*

You disgust me. The upload time is like 2 years! :pinkiehappy:

Eagle #22 · Aug 26th, 2013 · · · 66 ·

Of course, comrade! My mistake. It shall be done by tomorrow.

Rainbow you dumb bitch

well, there goes the whole peaceful interaction.
The only error I found was

Applejack tried to
hit the buck the machine.

An oddly worded sentence, wouldn't it be better by saying Applejack tried to hit the machine by bucking it or something like that?

Thanks for that. now fixed.

This is progressing very well. Do continue or I will cut you.

I loved that book and you are writing this very well. Please continue.

Now you use Hot Fuzz for a come back.

You sir are after my heart!

3110037 Oh don't worry. We readers have many ways to kill you authors.

This for example.

I KNEW IT! ever since shining said something about allies I thought about them not being the only company there.

goddammit why the hell teh russians are always the bad guys?

Not if I has fighter jet.

Well, now I know who i'm staying with if there's a zombie apocalypse

3111752 3111104 SEMI-SPOILER ALERT-
The Russians will not be the bad guys, but rather a sort of pony version of them.

Also, the rest of the Battalion will be making an appearance.


The rest of the 66 battalion or the T-55 Battalion?

still pony-russians as bad guys? get more original please:ajbemused:

You are welcome to join me in Canada if the Zombie Apocalypse arrives. Everyone knows that zombies don't attack Canada.

Damn! Nice job fixing yankees hostility towards the ponies.

You think one measly shoulder-launched SAM can stop Galm team?

Thanks, I thought it would be too much of a run-around, but it worked out well.

Cause of your powerful weapons, no doubt.

Has that been done before? If so, how deep into it has it gotten? I was planning on going into greater detail about the pony version of it.

Even so, it's more original than just having the Russians be the bad guys again. And even with that, the book was written in 1987 and is a WW3 scenario with the PACT. I want to stay true to the book, what else would there be? It's not like just the Changeling or Griffon infantry can do much against a tank.

(P.S. They won't just be fighting other tanks and vehicles.)

3110127 You already have Brothers in Arms and now you've got this, when'ya gonna get back to Ace Combat? :fluttercry: (Which was awesome BTW.)

Did you not see Galm in my earlier posts here? That's my favorite game series, no way i'm letting that die. Like I said in the notice, i'm working on it, but it's super long and I won't update until it's completely done (which might take a year or two).

To be fair, I've just been on an idea roll lately. I'm getting into the habit of just shoving them out the window because I'm more paranoid than Nixon that someone will do them first. I have no plans to cancel anything as of yet.

They should have destroyed the village:eeyup:



why not a random group with RPG-7 and AKM or the chinese copies? more of a challenge than a standard army

I've got things planed.

Oh, and I meant the rest of Team Yankee's battalion.

3109861Ok you have certainely gotten a very good idea at wrighting radio chatter :)

Cant really improve anything in my opinion..:P

3116698Nice radio chatter again :D also..do you have a idea of what your wrighting schedule is now that school is starting?

3119257 Flares don't always thwart missile locks.

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