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Ese Wey

Just some guy who started trying to actually write something after almost two years of lurking. Apparently people like to read the stuff that goes on in my head. Huh.

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  • TA Terrible Fate
    It has always been known that the Everfree Forest was a dangerous and mysterious place. But now, a new inhabitant has made it even more dangerous, where one could easily lose their live.
    Ese Wey · 5.5k words  ·  149  7 · 4.6k views
  • TSavage: Encounters
    The rumors about the creature were many. Some were reasonable, others unbelievable. But it was not until some unlucky souls stumbled upon it that they were able to find out the veracity of these rumors.
    Ese Wey · 11k words  ·  382  13 · 7.1k views
  • TSavage
    Word has it that there is a tall bi-pedal creature that has been living in the forest for over ten years. No pony has ever made contact with it. That was, until now.
    Ese Wey · 18k words  ·  2,006  54 · 35k views

Working on Encounters once more. · 2:05am Oct 24th, 2016

After almost one month of staying in a one bedroom place while we found a real place to live in, I am finally at my new house. To keep it short, this was one hell of a move. The important thing is that I am able to write again. Like I said in the last blog post, I didn't get much written for the next chapter so it will be some time before I post something else. I'll try to keep it short this time so it doesn't take me too long to write.

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Randomly seeing a pony in a sombrero with the words 'ese wey' next to it was both incredibly startling and incredibly entertaining. Have a great day compa.

K onda, k pex

Que onda wey :moustache:

Kick the ass of school back! I know you can do it!

Not very good. School is kicking my ass and lost my drive to write a long time ago. I'm only coming back to see if a few stories are updating.

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