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Just some guy who started trying to actually write something after almost two years of lurking. Apparently people like to read the stuff that goes on in my head. Huh.


This story is a sequel to Savage: Encounters

It has always been known that the Everfree Forest was a dangerous and mysterious place. But now, after the appearance of a new and truly unknown creature, it has become an even more dangerous place, where one could easily lose their life.

This story was made as an alternate ending for the Savage: Encounters chapter Close Call.

A big thank you to Alicorn Priest and Friedom Fiend, who helped me make this fic readable.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 25 )

I think you did a good job on this.

It is both one of the best things I've read on this site and something that I wish that I never had.:applecry::fluttershyouch:

Comment posted by ihatehaters1994 deleted Nov 12th, 2015

This is pretty well done.

If I had to pick out something to quibble with, it feels to me like his realization that the ponies are intelligent came a bit too neatly. I could imagine him grappling with the idea, even arguing with himself a bit, before really accepting it. I mean:

He rested his head on the palm of his shaking hands. The signs had been all there. He had just been too blind to see them. What had this world done to his head, that he could no longer identify the most obvious signs of sapience?

But, but. . . They don't wear clothes. I haven't heard them speak. I haven't seen them use tools. How would they even do that without hands? And yet. . . and yet. . .

6627282 It was the first thing that popped into my head when thinking of a tittle.

Alondro walks through the Everfree whistling merrily. Suddenly, a manticore jumps out and lets out a mighty roar! "Oh, hey Manny." Manny waves to Alondro and bounds off to eat some ponies.

Alondro continues walking through the Everfree. Suddenly, a 4-headed hydra appear and lets out 4 mighty roars! "Oh, hey Larry, Moe, Curly, and Shemp." The hydra heads nod to him in turn... except Curly who's staring blankly... earning a whack from Moe and a grumble which meant "Chowderhead" in Hydranganese... and then they bound off to eat some ponies.

Alondro continues walking through the Everfree. Suddenly, Zecora emerged from the bushes and lets out... a rather clever rhyme. "Oh, hey Zecora." "Greetings, oh human, I give to you. Now I must find some ponies for my stew!" Because evil enchantress and stuff.

And so we see that nothing in the Everfree eats humans because humans are icky, while ponies are juicy, nutritious, and delicious. And I base this on reasons.

The end.


6628835 Of course! If they weren't, we wouldn't have as many HiE's now would we :rainbowwild:

6629189 Could also be that the Everfree isn't as dangerous as the ponies think and they're just fraidycats who can't beat up a dragon with their bare hooves.

I mean, sheesh, who hasn't? Am I right?


“No one! Hurts! My! Fiend!”

Does this mean another chapter is coming?

6634560 :facehoof: Can't believe I didn't see that. Thanks for pointing it out.

6634982 Nope.

This was a story of tears. Good job, man. :pinkiesad2:

Growing frustrated, she grabbed her friend’s body and turned her over. Her eyes widened. She could feel the color draining from her coat. Nausea racked her body as she stared at the lifeless partly-closed eyes that gazed back at her. Her eyes wandered down to her body. There, a red stain adorned the center of her chest. Her eyes began to sting, tears threatening to come out. ...No...this...this can’t be happening… “Fluttershy...Fluttershy! Please, say something! Anything!” she shouted as she violently shook her friend’s unresponsive body.


Had he truly killed another sapient being?




Its low baritone voice rang in each of their ears. They both had to stifle a gasp, each turning to one another with a look of surprise. Ever since they saw it, they thought that it did not speak, or if it did, it would be a strange language they had never heard of. It took a slow, deep breath, then, spoke once more, its voice quieter than before.

Wait, wait, wait... he HEARD Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy speak. How did he not realize these colorful horses were speaking English???

No one ever did.



In its hand was a small bouquet of easily recognizable blue flowers. It brought them up, took a deep breath of its aroma, and placed them on top of her grave, beside other ponies’ offerings.

Suddenly, and to their surprise, the creature spoke up.

“I’m... so… sorry.”

The the most likely reason they(The ponies) understood him was poison joke. Otherwise they(Both the human and ponies, although he doesn't really speak during their interactions...) seem to have some sort of language barrier

I think it has to do that humans aren't really in their diet, where a ponies are, even here it is a rare occurrence that human are eaten by animals, and when the animal wasn't starving beforehand then the human was confused for actual prey, like it is the case for sharks and divers

9018578 That, and ponies are delicious. Especially Rainbow Dash. In cupcakes. :pinkiecrazy:

Apparently there's been a study in sharks that human meat tastes awful to them because there nowhere near as much fat when compared to seal or turtles, that's why they would spit or drop the limb that they take off but still go for the kill because of the blood.

Would make sense, if we cant fullfil their dietary needs then there is no way our meat tastes good to them, whereas we eat pretty much anything we can get our hands into

What he said is only true for Great Whites, Tiger Sharks will littrially eat anything.

Humans are pack animals, like wolves.

just because wolves (and humans) are apex predators, does not mean that larger, solitary creatures (like bears and tigers) will not try to pick off wolves/humans/hyenas when one of us is away from the pack...

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