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An Irish girl who reads, writes, reviews, and occasionally draws. Don't worry though. My hair isn't black, my eyes aren't blue, and I'm not from Galway, so you won't be losing your heart to me.

The Result of me Slapping an iPad and Somehow Getting Marginally Popular For It

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In honor of your follower count

My brudda. You do not kno da wheh, so you have da geh.

Thanks so much for favoriting "Scaled Heights!":pinkiehappy:

If I could give likes for user page descriptions . . .

Regardless, thanks for the fave. :twilightsmile:

Achievement Unlocked!

You have earned the...

While normally I'd post a cute, silly, and customized message...AAAAAA, I'M IN THE FEATURE BOX AND THEY'RE POURING IN LIKE THE FLOOD IN THE FIRST HALO GAME!

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Angry PMs · 4:14pm Jun 25th, 2016

When I get angry PMs from authors whose stories I left a negative comment on, I always laugh. This one I got a few minutes ago is one of the funniest I've ever seen.

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