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Group Rules

Anyway here are the rules

1. Look around on the site.
2. If a troll is found don't react to it, just file a report on the main page of the group and an admin will be there shortly to see it.
3. Admins must report to me ASAP once they acept a report.
4. As of today due to some trouble makers that got into the group, you can't post anything in the message baords. Only admins can do that.
5. If you want to join the you can, just wait untill an admin approves you.
6. This is for all admins, No one else can be an admin unless they PM me with a DETAILED aplication form, so don't approve them without my permission first. Last time it led to the entire group falling into chaos.
7. Anyone who is found trolling, or bashing or badmouthing other users, they will recieve a warning. If the behaviur continues then we will kick you from the group.
8. Remember the brony code for love/tolerance. No one and I repeat no one should retaliate to a troll by being a troll themselves. It gives us a bad name and will end up getting me in trouble with the moderaters.
9. Any member can post on the main page, the message board is reserved for admins only.
10. If you recieve an order from an admin to deal with the troll, it means that you should file another report and send it to Knighty(site creater) and leave it at that.
11. No flame wars
12. No spaming
13. No death threats
14. No insults or name calling
15. If you have any questions and concerns or if you want to become an admin the PM me with a DETAILED aplication form or report.

Welcome to the Celestial Knights.

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Good to know there's a police force against trolls on this site. I've not had trouble with them, yet, but once I do I know who to call. More power to you Celestial Knights.

Semper Enim (Always There)

This is my favorite group. Thanks goodness all the trolls in here got banned.

This is why I hate white knights...

The rules confuse me. Is this group totally open for joining as a normal user, or do you need to do things with that as well?

There's an anti-trolling group?
So this is like when Umbrige got Malfoy and his friends to work for her in Harry potter, only you guys are Malfoy and his buds and the mods are Umbrige, right?
Or something like that.

A grou of knights... a feel a new oneshot coming on! :pinkiehappy:

Well, my first fic is recieving mostly bad reviews. Thats okay though. :fluttercry:
21 dislikes... :applecry: 3 likes....
Screw it. I shall write more.

Its okay it'll get better people do it to me all the time and here are some of their hurtful comments to me:Just dont write fanfics anymore,Oh what did i-i just read? so there you have it THINGS WILL GET BETTER JUST KEEP MAKING THEM FICS BUDDY :twilightsmile:

And let us know if they give you more problems

am i a troll???

Thanks, guys. I appreciate your support. :twilightsmile:

Bro I'll be right back later tonight kk.

284410 we took care of the problem if it still persists then let us know ^^

284410 Feel no heat, fellow brony. Thus, we are on our way.


284410 If That guy Shiver gives you trouble just let us know and we'll take the fight to him kk^^

284410 If you need help with proof reading then I'll help you there BTW ^^ Celestial Knights are defenders of love and peace so I'm with you 100% :P

284410 have no fear dude the celestial knights have your back :ajsmug:

284410 Problem solved. If it continues please drop me a PM.

Celestial Knights leader, Curtis.

284410 I will let the group know. I'm with you 100% of the way. Just be sure to tell me if it worsens okay. The group will help you ASAP.

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