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Hey everyone! · 4:44pm Dec 19th, 2014

Oh goodness, I was young when I started this account... But good news, I'm back and ready for action!

The long hiatus is a combination of computer problems (now I have two computers and a phone), forgetting my password (I have a new, easy-to-remember password that doesn't use a bunch of Js and Qs) and new interests. My primary interest is now in My Little Pony Tales, which is officially the best thing. Seconding that is Five Nights at Freddy's, and even Littlest Pet Shop.

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PLEASE come back

Whoa there, that is quite the impressive list of groups you're a part of...

Almost 16 weeks since you've logged on to fimfiction at this point...

That's almost as much groups as my therapist says I should go to.

He also says I shouldn't worship Gordon Freeman. :unsuresweetie:

I just realized... that's a lot of groups. :applejackconfused:

  • Viewing 69 - 73 of 73
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