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Stories featuring everypony's favorite Appleloosan.

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299027 I just uploaded a story that would fit nicely into this group. Would you give it the time of that and see if you wanna add it into your collection?

Brae's rocky harvest

The group for me.

Comment posted by TheKitten deleted Oct 2nd, 2014

How is this group not bigger than this?:rainbowhuh:

This group makes me happy on the inside


Welcome to the group!

I didn't see any Braeburn groups here on FIMFic back in the middle of 2012, which I thought was strange since a few Braeburn stories had gotten featured on Equestria Daily, so I decided to create one.

Saw this group, HAD TO join it.
What about you guys?
~ :trixieshiftright: Star

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