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In The Making Of... Everything

The group for all your SombraShy shippings! All stories must be placed in appropriate folders. Also, please only put a story in one folder.


-No harassing other members of the group
-This group is for SombraShy, and SombraShy ONLY. Please make all forum threads related to this topic
-A story may only go in one folder, and the folder must be the most appropriate one for the story. If you are having trouble deciding what folder to place your story into, contact me
-No NSFW in the comments or forums
-All mature stories MUST be placed in the Mature folder (gore, sex, or neither.) If one of the tags on your story is mature, it must be placed in this folder.

The System Thingy

-If any of these rules are broken once, then you will get a warning
-If any of these rules are broken for a second time, then another warning will be given
-If any of these rules are broken for a third time, then you will be banned from the group
-If you have broken the rules and you are an admin, you will be immediately demoted
-Special cases might result in an immediate ban

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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