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Pause at the threshold. Forget who you are. Become someone new.

Hey, y'all

This account may be new, but don't be fooled! I've been around since 2013 and I needed a fresh start.

I'm 21, they/them, very bi. I like this show because I like the characters and I find it inspiring for whatever reason. I'm also not going to take any shit, and I'm picky about who I chat with.

That said, feel free to say hello! If you don't have a problem with any of the above, we'll get along great.

I have a writing blog over on tumblr: @open-doors-diner. Hit me up and we can talk about writing!

I also have a pony-related tumblr: @mushroompone, so you can hit me up there, too.

If you like my work, why not buy me a coffee?

I'm also an admin for this really cool group! Anyone is welcome, we have really great discussions and give wonderful advice!

Hope to see you around!!

Hey, I'm also a digital artist! Bonkers, right?

Keep tabs on my art over here!

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Sure thing! I really enjoyed the first chapter-- your writing style lends itself well to the characters. Excited to see how it unfolds!!

Thanks for adding "When the Sun Holds Me" to your library!

Thank you! I love the idea of your group, it's really clever and awesome! It's hard to dig up the weird hidden gems of fimficwhen they don't fit neatly into other groups... I'll add some fics right away!

Hey, thanks for the follow!

You betcha!! She's a bisexual pone, just like me :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 14 - 18 of 18
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