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Commission from a Talented Author (Twinyl!!) · 9:11pm Nov 16th, 2020

Hey, y'all!!

I am very please to announce to you all that I've commissioned a Twinyl piece from a dear friend of mine: Nailah! It's a very sweet meet-cute, and explores a mute Vinyl in this relationship dynamic. Give it a read below!

ESymphonic Melody
The music was dull, but she was anything but dull.
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Hearts Beat: Rebooted · 3:41am Aug 12th, 2020

Hello, everyone!

I honestly didn't believe I'd be returning to this fic so soon, but hey! The perfect opportunity fell right into my lap.

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I don't know what to call this blog, so just come take a peek · 3:25pm Aug 9th, 2020

So. Let's talk about Nazis.

It's gotten pretty bad lately. Feels like everywhere I turn, there's a proud Nazi. Or pedophile. Or, frankly, any number of other things that make me wanna curl up into a ball and disappear off the internet forever.

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Bronies and Nazism Article · 3:09pm Jun 26th, 2020

I'm just trying to spread this about. It's a short read, but a good one, and it highlights the major problems with this and other mlp-centric sites very well:

'My Little Pony Fans' Confront their Nazi Problem

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Post-Challenge Thoughts · 2:38am May 10th, 2020

Hey, y'all!

This was a big accomplishment for me! I'm proud to have done it :twilightsmile:

The following will contain some VERY minor spoilers for Hearts Beat. If you haven't finished reading it, you can still feel welcome to read this blog! It won't "ruin" the fic by any means.

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The end of the challenge draws near... · 2:59am May 4th, 2020

Six more days! Some heavy, some fluff. All Twinyl.

Who's excited for me to finally chill the fuck out and go back to actually proofreading stuff before I post it?? Cause I sure am

I have the next 6-7 chapters of On The Horizon fully outlined in my brain, so hopefully I'll be just as productive in the coming weeks and get you some quality content.

Also, I realized the other day that I will be posting the final chapter of the challenge on the day I graduate college! So that's pretty rad

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Halfway through! · 2:49pm Apr 24th, 2020

I'm officially halfway through my 30-day challenge today! And I was featured for at least a little while this morning, so that's pretty cool :twilightsmile: thanks to all my readers! Y'all make it fun!

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Recommendation for Fans of Threshold · 9:13pm Dec 19th, 2018

Hey gang!

Pretty simple-- I recently started a fic that I really, really enjoy! I find that it's similar in tone to my own work (although its writing structure and talent is more competent and complete than my own) and I wanted to share!

The fic is called Force and Consequences. It's graphic, but for the right reasons. It is also a character-driven story focused on Rarity and Rainbow Dash!

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