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Threshold Updates · 2:49am January 31st

Hey gang!

Just wanted to let you know that, as of two seconds ago, I am officially two chapters ahead on Threshold. The reason these chapters have been hanging about collecting dust, however, lies in my guilt for posting updates while a review of the work is still pending. I don't want the reviewer to feel bogged down or pressured by quick updates on my part.

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Recommendation for Fans of Threshold · 9:13pm Dec 19th, 2018

Hey gang!

Pretty simple-- I recently started a fic that I really, really enjoy! I find that it's similar in tone to my own work (although its writing structure and talent is more competent and complete than my own) and I wanted to share!

The fic is called Force and Consequences. It's graphic, but for the right reasons. It is also a character-driven story focused on Rarity and Rainbow Dash!

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Quadrilogy of the In-Between Plans · 7:22pm Sep 11th, 2018

Book One: Threshold

Rainbow Dash and Rarity catch up after a year apart. (time)

Book Two: Pathway

Applejack and Pinkie Pie go on a roadtrip. (space)

Book Three: Destination

Fluttershy mourns the loss of a friend. (energy)

Book Four: Liminal

Twilight understands the duties of an alicorn.

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