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Just happy to be apart of this wonderful fandom for so long (since September, 2011), and have been on this site much longer than what it is says on my page. PM me if you want to know more details :)

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  • 2 weeks
    Pain is my best friend...

    Making me think of you again...

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  • 2 weeks
    I’m sorry Kody

    I’m sorry man. I’m just having a really bad day.

    4 comments · 32 views
  • 2 weeks
    A Question

    On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the most), how crooked is Owen Wilson's nose?

    4 comments · 13 views
  • 2 weeks
    My Apologies to Kody

    In Kody the Ultimate Brony's blog, he talks about a friend being told false information about him. Well, I am that friend, and I'm sorry to Kody for even considering it was true. I've had a talk with the guy who told me some negative stuff about Kody, and he said it was just a hunch with nothing to back it up. After a bit more talking he apologized to me. It's someone I know and would like to keep anonymous to prevent unnecessarily backlash,

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    13 comments · 74 views
  • 5 weeks
    I Got a Problem Tonight

    Don’t know what to do about... Even if I did I don’t know if I would quit, I’m taken by the thought of it...

    And I know this much is true, baby you, have become my addiction... I’m so strung out on you! I can barely move... but I like it...
    And it’s all because of you... All because of you... And it’s all because of you... All because of you... All because of...
    Never get enough... she’s the sweetest drug...

    8 comments · 30 views

Pain is my best friend... · 4:49pm February 11th

Making me think of you again...

Report RainbowDash2012 · 31 views ·

I used to be relevant!

I used to write featured stories and be relevant here! But that all came crashing down because of a darker past that I regret oh so much. But what's done is done. Just happy to still be here to talk to people and lurk these days.

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