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I'm cute as hell, which incidentally is where I'm from


So here's one of those dumbass bio's everyone wants to know BUT anyway here I am!

Name: call me Pony or Birdie. Only certain ppl know my human name on here
Age: 19
Gender: Cis Female
Pronouns: She/her
B-day: Sep 22
Orientation: Pan with a side of ace.
Pets: Birds. I love birds. I have only one rn but I love him
Religion: Agnostic Theist (But I'm also a color witch so pm me if you have any questions about that)
Political: Libertarian, with a dash of Republican. Kinda conservative but also not rlly? It's complicated.
Other things to know: I'm a nerd, I curse, I usually make ppl laugh (or try to anyway), I work as a waitress so I will fuck up anyone who doesn't tip, I'm in college so I have poor sleeping habits, and I'm super chill. Oh and I love heelys and will fight anyone who insults them.

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True wisdom is knowing that a tomato based fruit salad is a salsa

I'm excited to read it. :D

I hope you enjoy my story, Dream Date. :pinkiehappy:

lmfao i hate u loki jk XD

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