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If men find out we can shape-shift they are going to tell the church


So here's one of those dumbass bio's everyone wants to know BUT anyway here I am!

Name: call me Pony or Birdie. Only certain ppl know my human name on here
Age: 20
Gender: Cis Female
Pronouns: She/her
B-day: Sep 22
Orientation: Aro
Pets: Birds. I love birds. I have only one rn but I love him
Religion: Agnostic Theist
Political: Libertarian, with a dash of Republican. Kinda conservative but also not rlly? It's complicated.
Other things to know: I'm a nerd, I curse, I usually make ppl laugh (or try to anyway), I work as a waitress so I will fuck up anyone who doesn't tip, I'm in college so I have poor sleeping habits, and I'm super chill. Oh and I love heelys and will fight anyone who insults them.

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Oh I won't tell the church about your shape-shifting abilities...

...Just the government.

Hello, hello and blessed be :twilightsmile:

Hi, just wanted to say that I hope you enjoy my story, when you read it of course, lol!

People be saying modern artists deserve praise and money because of their unique approach. But we all know it's to prevent history from repeating itself

I'm tempted to make like, some splashes on a paper in a "unique" way. Call it modern art and let the money roll in

  • Viewing 1,654 - 1,658 of 1,658
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