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Aspiring to live under a bridge, but the man keeps holding me down.


I think Brett Kavanaugh is the biggest joke in American History and I don’t give a fuck if you’re some ultra-conservative asshole cuntard. · 8:55am Oct 8th, 2018

Do I really need to say anything else?

No one else has been smart or shameless enough to do it yet. Fucking retard fucktards.

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Shameless Self Promotion

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I suppose so. Like anyone cares at this point, I was already quite irrelevant here when I got banned. Especially if I'm not being a dumbass anymore and not breaking site rules which I technically haven't actually in years XD.

Oh snap, the secret is out!

Just noticed this. Likewise dude! Hit me up if you want to collaborate again sometime.

I don't think anyone comes on my page or cares about me anymore really so whatever I'll reply XD.

Was a pleasure working with you, m8

FattyMagee had this to say:

I regret what I have done but hope to still contribute to the fandom in what ways I can. I’d still like to be able to talk with some of you on here. If you’d like to reach out to me, contact TheDizzyDan. He can pass you my email.

Edit: if anybody needs proof of his permission, I can provide screenshots of my text message correspondence with him.

  • Viewing 2,834 - 2,838 of 2,838
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24 year old male recent college graduate.
Love ponies, music, games, geography, comedy, and some sports.

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