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Happy First Day of Spring and New Season of MLP · 10:01pm March 20th

For those of you living in the Northern Hemisphere, which I know is most of you, today's the first day of spring. If you happen to live in Australia or somewhere else in the Southern Hemisphere, then happy first day of autumn XD.

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Thank you for picking up on "Nyx Returns" and being the first to add it to your favorites!
It's taken me a month to write it, so I am delighted you like it - thank you!
Hope to see you again soon.

Hey thank you for favoriting my story, I'm glad you liked and :twilightsmile:I really appreciate it

No problem! Keep the awesome stories coming! :twilightsmile:

Thank you for adding "The Return of the King" to your favorites!
It was fun pitching Twi against Sombra and I'm glad you enjoyed it too.
Thanks for your continued support!

  • Viewing 2,829 - 2,833 of 2,833
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