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Heavy Rains

Writing Progression of Chapters.

A Second Chance: Fading Memories - 10%, Undergoing First draft.

The Dark Ones - 0%, Awaiting continuation.

ETLAL - 4.16%, 2 of 12 chapters completed.
Will be published upon story completion.

STVH - 10%, 0 of 1 chapters completed. Collaboration.

Don't like my stuff? Then check out these talented people.

Vehemence <-- My favorite writer, and one of the few reasons I still write. I love this guy.

TheDarkKnight <--If you get something under 20,000 words you're lucky. Also is one hell of an artist.

BaroqueNexus <-- Seriously this guy's amazing. Knocks all my stories out of the water.

Regidar <-- Who doesn't know Regidar? I mean the dude has his own religion.

Foxi Hooves <-- One of the two writers to influence me to write. Wrote the first fic I ever read.

Cloudy Skies <-- The second writer to influence me to write. If you want shipping, look no further.

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Yep super dead.Thats like normal dead but now there wearing a cape!:pinkiehappy:

Deader than dead is this person...shit

will you ever continue this story.

823632 It is nice to hear that man. With any luck, I'll be testing the waters and diving back into writing within a few days. :pinkiesmile:

I'm also going to try and up my chapter length a bit, possibly to 4,000 at the least. Of course, anything over that would be nice as well, but considering I haven't written anything for about 6 months I don't want to push myself. :twilightsheepish:

  • Viewing 223 - 227 of 227
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