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I'm a young female teen who took a college course for writing because I'm awesome that way (and because I took the ACT already and got a 27 composite score, but mostly because I'm awesome.) Naturally I would apply my lessons to writing about ponies!

Oh, and I don't only write fanfiction! I also play Apple Bloom in the Shipping and Handling Audio Play! If you want to see more of my voice stuff, go to my Youtube page~ (Although my writing is much better, but that's for you to decide)

In case you haven't noticed I have an obsession with Touhou and Danganronpa. Twilight is best pony, I can't decide on Chihiro/Alter Ego or Komaeda for best Dingleromp, and if you can't figure out who best Touhou is I worry for you.

I have a big crush on Komaeda because he's Super High School Level Hotness. This is fact. I'm trying to keep my fangirling to a minimum though.

Stuff I Wanna Accomplish

Get actual featured (not in the bottom 3) [X] I love you all
Complete a multi-part story [ ]
Get a fan club [X] Join!
Get 420 followers and make a weed joke/meaning of life joke [ ]
Get 495 followers and make a Flan joke [ ]
Get 500 followers and make a Remi joke [ ]
Get 666 followers and make a vampire joke [ ]
Get 10,000 story views [ ]
Write 100,000 words [X]
Do a commission for somebody (be it art, writing, or cross stitching) [ ]
Get interviewed for my pony words [ ]
Have somebody write a story that has something to do with me even though I didn't ask them to [X]
Get one of the Legends of Fimfiction (I just made that up) to watch me (such as SS&E, because if I'm gonna dream big, why sell myself short?) [X] I'm endearing!
Finish reading Super Danganronpa 2 [X]
Read a Danganronpa LP without being spoiled about anything [ ]
Be one of those users that everybody knows [ ]
Get more followers than Dunsparce [ ]
Finish one of my damn multi part stories [ ]

Your title based on amount of watchers

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400-500: Shining Beacon of Literature
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Current Status: Big League

When You've Dingled All Your Dangles

Hope is Dope

Don't Expect Updates Any Time Soon

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One always has a better book in one's mind than one can manage to get onto paper.

How much I suck at Touhou:
| Game # | Easy | Normal | Hard | Lunatic | Extra |
|___14___|__✔___|_X (6 w/o)_|______|_______|___3___|

X : with continue (mind you I hardly ever continue)
✔: without continue
#: The farthest stage I can get to (spellcard for Extra)

Things people made me (in no order):