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[IMPORTANT] · 11:35pm Feb 23rd, 2013

Ok, so I might have lied to everyone. I have no idea whats going on with my fics. I am still waiting for a certain someone to get Trials and Tribulations done as well as the one-shot Losing Sight. Appletini hasn't replied to any of my emails so I'm in the dark for Cuttershy(lol). So, please be patient with me. I try as hard as I can to get things done but sometimes it's out of my hand. Thanks guys for sticking with me and being such great people!

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Who is this guy:

A teen from Dallas Texas who has nothing better so reads, writes, and edits FIM Fics.

Well it's cool I guess, try to write as much as freaking possible!

I have a huge interest in helping anybody who requires it, because this fanbase is so awesome! So message me and we will work together.

Editing is what I do so message me and we will chat! Also, go on over to Editors Dreamland to get reviews, pre-reads, edits, and co-author help!

Fairly new writer but I love MLP so much that I decided to start writing fim fics.

Skype me if you want help! just PM me and it will be awesome!!

Really into happy, upbeat stories.

Find me on facebook at:

or message me if you have a concern or a comment!

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Comment posted by Dusk Quill deleted Apr 5th, 2013

263081 sure thing, but I'm expected to get the same privilege. I love hearing brony stories!

There. Just sent you a skype request. I can tell you all about my brony life in Skype if you'd like:pinkiehappy:

262999 I assumed as much :pinkiesmile: how long have you been writing?

Ah! Well i am admin ~Silver on the page lol:derpytongue2:

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