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Returning from a Hiatus, maybe...? · 3:09am Dec 19th, 2016

Oh yeah. I was an author here once upon a time.

But now a year has passed since Hocus Pocus ended, and I haven't posted even a short story since.

I've been thinking of coming back and getting some writing done again, but I've run into a problem and I need the opinions of a few readers to help me get my thoughts straight.

My plan, some of you may remember, was to release a short story about Nester, the friendly changeling from Hocus Pocus. The partially finished draft is still there, waiting.

The problem is, now we have a CANON friendly changeling in the form of Thorax, and I'm worried a story about Nester would just feel... redundant? Obviously his story and Thorax's are not the same, but I'm concerned that we now have our quintessential friendly changeling in the canon lore, and that would make fanfictions about other friendly changelings kind of flop.

What do you think? Is Nester a lost cause in the face of Thorax? Or should I still try to tell his story?

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Well, yes, but it has been "almost ready" for a long time. Can't seem to finish the last bit of it for some reason.
Hopefully it'll be up soon?

Heyyy, I don't mean to pry, but is the new chapter of Hocus Pocus almost ready? I'm just wondering

Ah okay sweet as then :)

The possibility of a sequel will be discussed with the readers in an author's note released at the same time as the last chapter.

Will there be a sequel to Hocus Pocus or have you not thought that far ahead yet?
I just really want to keep reading about Dinky's adventures, but with the story ending that just makes me sad :(

  • Viewing 95 - 99 of 99
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