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The final book in the "Shipping and Handling" trilogy is in progress right now.
Keep your eyes open for new chapters!

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Writing the End of a Novel is Hard · 10:39pm October 13th

This is sort of both a progress report and a chance to ramble about some of the ups and downs of writing fanfics.

Right now, I've got three chapters left to publish in my latest novel, Magic of the Heart. It's been a month now since I last posted a chapter, and to be brutally honest, it's probably going to be at least a month more before the next one reaches the public eye.

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Oh wow, I didn't think anyone remembered it.

It met with a tragic fate. Its literally been like 98% done for years, but we had four different Rainbow Dash VA's agree to it and then quit before providing their lines. Everyone lost interest in the project, but all the other voice lines for every single character other than Rainbow Dash are still stored there, ready to go. Even if we got a VA now though, I don't think the director has any intent to ever piece all the audio together. He's moved on to other stuff.

What ever happened to the S&H dramatic reading that you were working on. Is it dead or is just in a stalemate.

Well, yes, but it has been "almost ready" for a long time. Can't seem to finish the last bit of it for some reason.
Hopefully it'll be up soon?

Heyyy, I don't mean to pry, but is the new chapter of Hocus Pocus almost ready? I'm just wondering

Ah okay sweet as then :)

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