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Examining the Results of the previous blog · 1:04am Sunday

Hello again!

It's been three days now since I made the post asking if there's any interest if I were to produce some NSFW content, the comments have stopped rolling in and votes on the poll I posted seem to have come to a halt, so it's time to take a look at what I learned.

1. The Poll

Not gonna lie, the poll paints a pretty clear picture, at least among the people who felt they wanted to give an opinion there.

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Is there any audience among my readerbase for NSFW? (Poll in post) · 2:59am Last Thursday

I'm looking for opinions, so I just put that right in the title so people will look at this.

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Coming Soon: Celestia's Academy Course Catalogue! · 9:08pm Dec 14th, 2022

Hi everyone,

When I finished my last novel back in 2021, one of the various bits of future content I mentioned I was working on was a full course catalogue for Celestia's Academy for Gifted Unicorns. Written like an actual college course catalogue, this is not so much a story and more a gigantic worldbuilding dump surrounding the academy featured in my trilogy.

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Need opinions: how to organize an anthology · 11:07pm Nov 21st, 2022

Ok, let's get some reader input on this one.

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A Status Update of Some Sort · 12:38am Oct 8th, 2022

Whoops it's been like 4 months since I posted anything again.
Let's do a little status update.

How's Anecdotes of Heart coming along?
Currently, only one's been published. There are thirteen more that I have plans for at the moment, and more can be added to that list at any time. Unfortunately, I'm not having much luck turning the current one into an actual story.

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Anecdotes of Heart begins · 3:40pm Jun 2nd, 2022

Dinky Doo has a few more tales to tell.

Hi everyone! It's been a bit, but as promised, the first bit of the Anecdotes of Heart anthology is now live.

Anecdotes of Heart is a collection of unrelated short stories featuring the cast of characters from my last novel, Magic of the Heart.

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Celestia's Academy Trading Cards · 9:25pm Feb 17th, 2022

So I commissioned a relatively large project that fans of Magic of the Heart might like to see.

In Hocus Pocus and Magic of the Heart, many different fields of magic were discussed in detail at Celestia's Academy for Gifted Unicorns, and each one was attributed to one of the Zodiac signs. There were also enough unicorn characters that every field of magic had (at least) one character that was especially good with it.

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Shipping and Handling Trilogy 10th Anniversary! · 8:27pm Oct 19th, 2021

Ten Years ago today, I published the first chapter of "Shipping and Handling" to deviantart, as fimfiction either didn't exist yet or was very, very small at the time. Meant to be just a joke fic playing with the dual meaning of the word "shipping", I hoped a couple readers would get a quick laugh out of it.

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Trying to get back into the routine · 1:51am Aug 12th, 2021

Hi everyone.

I haven't really written much of anything since moving in March. Moving to a new state and new job kind of adjusted my mind to be too busy thinking about new events in my actual life to spend much time thinking about new events in my fictional characters' lives. I really need to mentally dwell in their world for a while to write anything of worth, and only now, months later, my new situation is finally becoming something that feels normal, and I am starting to do that again.

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Various New Stuff · 11:53pm Apr 29th, 2021

Hey guys,

I'm still here, though it's been a little while.

You might remember a blog post about two months back where I mentioned I got a new job, and things since then have been a whirlwind of activity as I shifted my life to something entirely different than it was at the beginning of the year. Here's some of what I've been up to!

1. New job - I'm a medical microbiologist now, working at a hospital and testing patients' specimens for pathogens.

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