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Burning Vacation Time · 5:29pm Jul 3rd, 2020

My company wants us to burn vacation time because apparently it's a liability on their books. With everyone WFH right now, nobody's taking vacation. So. I'm taking a few days off. If I don't get distracted by something shiny, I'm hoping to have a Somber Dreams chapter after I get back.

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Oh man. I was rereading Order from Chaos, Justice and Hope before I start on Fine Steps. Season one and two stories were totally wild with the world building in a good way. I kind of miss those days where practically everything about the world was an unknown to be elaborated on. Some of the most creative stories, like these ones, came from that time.


I just joined up to comment on your work. I'm a bit too old to have fully appreciated this generation of ponies, but I stumbled onto your fiction when it was still just hosted elsewhere; it was fantastically written, and I am thrilled to see you have more. Gives me something to work through while the waking world is what it is.

Just wanted to say as a writer myself, for all your projects - you have to take care of yourself first.

Though I'm thrilled to see you still making things, I'd like to hope you are doing well; and that this comment brings a bit of light to your day. Thanks for making something that shone so much my way. c:

All right then, back to vanishing into the ether..!

Strange, that was everyone's reaction... sorta.


Thou hast been booped.

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